Oregon Law Summer Sports Institute Faculty

The Top Sports Law Professors in the Nation

The Oregon Law Summer Sports Institute is unique within the legal academy because it brings together under one roof the nation's best professors devoted to a single legal specialty.

Rather than having one teacher for the entire summer, students will encounter more than a dozen experts in the field. Each will offer between two and five classes on her own unique passion. 

Ours is a team approach organized around each professor's particular sub-specialty within the broader field of sports law.

Andrew Brandt
Director, Jeffrey S. Moorad Center for the 
Study of Sports Law
Villanova School of Law
Professor Brandt is the NFL business analyst for ESPN.


Timothy Davis
John W. & Ruth H. Turnage Professor of Law
Wake Forest School of Law
Professor Davis is a casebook author and national authority on sports law.


Jeremi Duru
Professor of Law
American University Washington College of Law

Professor Duru represented sports industry professionals in employment matters involving the NFL, NBA and MLB.


Gabe Feldman
Associate Professor of Law
Tulane University Law School

Professor Feldman is the Director of Tulane's Sports Law Program and its Associate Dean for NCAA Compliance.


Mike McCann
Professor of Law and Director, Sports and Entertainment Law Institute
University of New Hampshire School of Law

Professor McCann is an award-winning journalist for Sports Illustrated and the editor-in-chief of Sports Law Blog. 


Matthew Mitten
Professor of Law and Executive Director, National Sports Law Institute
Marquette University Law School

Professor Mitten is a casebook author and noted scholar in the field of sports law. He is also the newly elected President of the Sports Lawyers Association.

Josephine (Jo) R. Pututo
Richard H. Larson Professor of Constitutional Law
University of Nebraska College of Law 

Professor Pututo served as a chair of the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions and represented the Big 12 Conference on the NCAA Division I Management Council.


Daniel A. Rascher
University of San Francisco

Professor Rascher is a founding partner of SportsEconomics and has served as an expert witness in some of the nation's most significant sports-related litigation.


Maureen Arellano Weston
Pepperdine University School of Law

Professor Weston is the Director of Pepperdine's Entertainment, Media & Sports Dispute Resolution Project.


Alfred C. Yen
Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law
Boston College Law School
Professor Yen is the Director of BC's Emerging Enterprises and Business Law Program and an expert on IP and sports law.


Oregon Law Participating Faculty


Robert C. Illig
Dean's Distinguished Faculty Fellow

Professor Illig practiced mergers and acquisitions in New York and London, He is the Director of the Summer Sports Institute.


Tom Lininger
Orlando John and Marian H. Hollis Professor

Professor Lininger is an expert on legal and sports ethics.

Roberta Mann
Loran L. Stewart Professor of Business Law

Professor Mann, an expert on corporate and business tax law, has practiced in the Office of Chief General Counsel fo the IRS.


Eric Priest
Associate Professor

Professor Priest was the co-founder and president of an independent music production company and is an expert on IP and entertainment law.


Jen Reynolds
Associate Professor

Professor Reynolds is director of Oregon Law's Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center and an expert on sports negotiation and arbitration.


Merle Weiner
Philip H. Knight Professor of Law

Professor Weiner is an international expert on family and domestic abuse.


Oregon School of Journalism and Communications Participating Faculty


Tim Gleason

Professor Gleason is the former Dean of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and now serves as the UO's NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative.


Kyu Ho Youm
Courtesy Professor

Professor Youm is a noted communication law scholar and an expert on First Amendment Rights.