Guests and Speakers

Like Davos, Switzerland and Sundance, Utah, we seek to create a space where leaders of an industry can gather, share, teach and learn.  Our goal is a truly immersive atmosphere with a cross-section of age groups, backgrounds, and disciplines.

Each afternoon and evening, when classes are done and the gym is quite, Oregon Law’s award-winning Summer Sports Institute hosts a variety of lectures, events, films, and other gatherings.  Below is a partial list of some of our most recent—and favorite—guests.

Maggie Carlyle
Inside counsel for the Pac-12

Sathya Gosselin
Plaintiff’s lawyer for Ed O’Bannon

Brian Gudmundson
Plaintiff's lawyer handling NHL concussion litigation

Brian Halloran
Former citizen member of the NCAA Committee on Infractions

Faisal Hasan
Inside counsel for DraftKings

Jeff Hawkins
UO Director of Football Operations

Bob Hersh
Senior Vice President of the IAAF

Ken Landphere
Sports agent at Octagon Football

Ben Lauritsen
Inside counsel for the Portland Trailblazers

Nona Lee
Inside counsel for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Paul Loving
Oregon Law alum and outside counsel for adidas

Oliver Luck
Executive VP at the NCAA

Matt Massari
Oregon Law alum and inside counsel for Nike

Casey Martin
Former pro golfer who successfully sued the PGA under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Maya Mendoza
Inside counsel for the Seattle Sounders

Joe Nocera
New York Times columnist and noted critic of the NCAA

Elizbeth Perris
Federal bankruptcy judge

Carol Pratt
Oregon Law alum and former women’s basketball coach

Shondell Reed
Head of NCAA compliance at the University of Washington

Becky Sisley
Former UO Women’s Athletics Director

Jody Sykes
University of Oregon Chief Compliance Officer

Travis Tygart
President of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency

Karen Tiedemann
Bond counsel for the financing of Levi Stadium

Norman Wain
Inside counsel for the USATF

Martha Walters
Oregon Supreme Court judge

Alex Winsberg
Inside counsel for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim