ORIL - Current Issue

Oregon Review of International Law

Volume 18 number 1


Unpacking Import Injuryhttps://law.uoregon.edu/images/uploads/entries/Seyfarth.pdf Michael J. Fanizzo Jr.

Santiago as a Seat for International Commercial Arbitration
Gonzalo Vial and Francisco Blavi

Undue Due Process: Why the Application of Jurisdictional Due Process Requirements to the Recognition of Foreign-Country Judgments Is Inappropriate
Niklaus Meier


Forever Green? An Examination of Pharmaceutical Patent Extensions
Julian W. Marrs

Volume 18 number 2


Facing an Ugly Truth: The Senate’s Report on CIA Torture as Truth-Telling
Lucia H. Seyfarth

Alternative Business Structures for Lawyers and Law Firms: A View from the Global Legal Services Market
Louise Lark Hill

Defending the Principle of Legality in Afghanistan: Toward a Unified Interpretation of Article 130 to the Afghan Constitution
Ghazi Hashimi


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