SALDF History

The University of Oregon SALDF was founded in 2006 as a student chapter to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. 

Activities during the 2009-2010 School year:

  • Villard Street Pub Animal Law Happy Hour
  • Alton Baker Park Dog Walk with SALDF
  • Lunchtime Panel with Animal Law Attorney Katherine Bloomquist
  • Volunteer Day at Lighthouse Animal Sanctuary

Activities during the 2008-2009 School year:

  • Lunchtime Panel with Animal Activist Peter Young
  • Lunchtime Panel with Animal Law Attorney Adam Karp
  • Lunch Time Speaking Event with Lauren Regan on the topic of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
  • Villard Street Pub Animal Law Roundtable Discussions--Puppy Mill Legislation and Dog Fighting Issues
  • All School Raffle Fundraiser for Greenhill Animal Sanctuary
  • Volunteer day at Greenhill Animal Sanctuary
  • $400 (!) raised during the Valentine's Day Cutest Pet Fundraising Event for Greenhill Animal Sanctuary
  • Tabling at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference