Disability Accommodation

The University of Oregon School of Law welcomes those individuals with disabilities. Whether the disability is physical, cognitive or psycho-emotional, we are committed to providing students with disabilities an opportunity to excel in the classroom and outside of it.

Our William W. Knight Law Center has been designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and we are constantly looking for ways to make our environment barrier-free. Some features for accessibility include: fully ramped rooms, two elevators, adjustable height desks available in classrooms, power assisted building doors, color contrast stair edges, Braille signs and Phonic Ear capability.

Reasonable accommodations are available for all students with documented disabilities. In the past we have provided additional time for exams, distraction free testing environments, tutoring and note takers. The University of Oregon provides technical assistance through its Adaptive Technology Lab.

The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs works closely with the University's Accessible Education Center to provide comprehensive assistance for students with disabilities.

Key Considerations:

  • Confidentiality. We carefully guard your identity and disability information.
  • Identify Early. The earlier we know and can document the disability, the sooner we can provide accommodation. Please contact the Disability Services Office or the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to make a written request for accommodation.
  • Different Learning Environment. Law School is not what you have previously experienced. Many students who did not previously need accommodations for their disability find accommodation necessary to "level the playing field" in law school.
  • Bar Examiners. Not every board of bar examiners will provide accommodations in the same way Universities do. Please check with the bar of the state where you will seek licensure to understand what documentation and accommodation are needed and possible.
  • Supporters. The Student Affairs staff are here to help you meet the challenges that you face in law school.