Galen Scholar in Legal Writing

One of the primary initiatives of the Galen Fund is to support faculty serving as the Galen Scholar in Legal Writing.  Each year, the LRW Program awards a substantial stipend to a faculty member for developing projects for a particular theme.  Many of the Galen Scholars' contributions have become valued and permanent fixtures in the legal writing landscape at Oregon Law.

The 2017-18 Galen Scholar is Michelle McKinley, the Bernard B. Kliks Professor of Law. She will spend the year exploring ways to enhance our students’ experiences with the upper-level writing requirement:

  • reviewing the law school’s writing requirement to see how it has changed over time
  • researching best practices in teaching upper-level seminars
  • designing and teaching a Writing Colloquium focusing on issues of race, ethnicity, and inequality in the legal process
  • disseminating enhanced standards for advising students’ written work.  

Professor McKinley’s ultimate goals are to “strengthen our school’s commitment to train excellent writers” and “equip our students with the tools to write effectively, and analyze and critically engage with legal and non-legal texts.”  Her recommendations will build on skills students learn in LRW and help them transfer those skills to the variety of papers that can fulfill the upper-level writing requirement.

Professor McKinley is the fifth Galen Scholar in Legal Writing.  Prior Scholars include Professor Rebekah Hanley (who revised the ethics course to include professional writing), Professor Megan McAlpin (who served as the school’s first Writing Specialist), Professor Michael Fakhri (who created writing curriculum for the school’s law journals), and Professor Liz Frost (who developed “writing under pressure” modules to be incorporated into various law courses).