Public Administration and Law (J.D./MPA)

Doctor of Jurisprudence/Master of Public Administration

The University of Oregon School of Law and the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM) offer students a concurrent degree program to pursue exciting career paths that combine law, public policy, and planning.  Through this program, students can elect to pursue two professionally accredited degrees in a four-year timeframe.  This allows students to combine two professional degrees and build a career that intersects both fields, making them more desirable, and more valuable in the workplace.

Law and PPPM Concurrent Offerings

Combine a law degree with any of three master’s degrees in PPPM:
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM)
Master of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP)

Why Pursue a Concurrent Degree with PPPM? (PDF)

How to Complete Your Concurrent Degree (PDF)

Sample Program of Study (PDF)