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Oregon Law attracts students from across the nation and the world. They have many different backgrounds, experiences, and career goals. But one thing they all share is a desire to make a difference in society. Below are stories of some of our students. To learn more about the school and explore our specialty programs, click here.

Angel Gambino

Gordon Levitt

Ami Jani

Adam Roberts

2015 Conflict & Dispute Resolution Graduates

Engage. Challenge. Resolve. Three 2015 graduates of the University of Oregon's Conflict and Dispute Resolution Master's Degree program talk about their experiences, how the program changed them, and the value of conflict resolution.

Oregon Law 2015 Graduates: Beatrice Grace

A former ER nurse, a mother, a musician, and a non-traditional student, Beatrice Grace talks about her experience at Oregon Law and what it meant to graduate.

Oregon Law 2015 Graduates: Kalia Walker

A transfer student, Kalia Walker, describes why Oregon Law was the right place for her, and the benefits of spending her third year in downtown Portland, where she found a position in a law firm after graduating.

Oregon Law 2015 Graduates: Max Forer

A former center on the University of Oregon football team, Max Forer explains how at Oregon Law, he was pushed to higher levels than he ever thought possible—and how it helped him.