Appropriate Dispute Resolution Program Moves Up to #7 in Nation

ADR Center: Nationally Ranked for More Than a Decade

Oregon’s Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Center is ranked #7 in the nation according to US News. The program has been ranked in the nation’s top ten since 2007.

The ADR Center advances the study of dispute resolution through classes, events, applied projects, trainings and workshops, and academic research. The program emphasizes the importance of working toward social justice through alternative processes and innovative research. With ADR, lawyers become more capable and authentic advocates for clients in dispute resolution, decision analysis, and deal-making contexts. 

Previously, the ADR Center received the Ninth Circuit ADR Education Award for excellence in ADR pedagogy.  In addition, four ADR faculty have received the law school's Orlando J. Hollis teaching award and two have received the University of Oregon's Ersted Award for distinguished teaching.

The ADR Center supports courses and clinics in the law school, in the Conflict & Dispute Resolution Master's Degree (CRES) program, in the LLM program, and in the Undergraduate Legal Studies program.