Oregon Legal Writer

The Legal Writer column appears in each issue of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin. Created by Oregon Law professor Suzanne Rowe in 2006 and frequently written by LRW faculty Liz Frost and Megan McAlpin, the column takes a lighthearted look at the essential tool of lawyers and law students: writing. 

Below are links to columns of special interests to law students.  A complete list of articles appearing in The Legal Writer are posted on the OSB archive for The Legal Writer.


Supreme Writing: Welcoming Our Newest Justice
Avoiding Plagiarism: Give Cred
it Where It's Due by Taking Careful Notes
Confessions: The Mistakes Legal Writing Professors Make, and How We Fix Them
A Worthwhile Skill: The Upside of Diagramming Sentences
Mental Shrinkage: The Many Costs of Multitasking
Run-on Sentence Outbreak! Examine Emails for Infection
Finding a Good Book: Why Reading Good Writing Will Make You a Better Writer
Take Note! Creating Knowledge Through Notes
Breaking the Habits of the Inefficient: Procrastination and Writer's Block
Commas for My Class