PLP News: OLSPIF Thanks the Community Board

OLSPIF - It Takes a Community to Build Beyond Dreams

The Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund (OLSPIF) said thank you to departing Community Board members this year, including Emilio Bandiero (JD ‘90). Mr. Bandiero, who recently retired from his law practice, helped to found OLSPIF. In recent years, he served on the OLSPIF Community Board, which was established about 5 years ago. 

Emilio proposed the idea of a student funded stipend program when he served as Oregon Law’s Student Bar Association President. In the first year of the program, students raised a modest amount of money for several small stipends. Three members of the Class of ’97 landed on the idea of an auction, and OLSPIF started its climb to new heights. 

Over two decades after its founding, OLSPIF has grown in sophistication and impact. The organization now holds an event that attracts well over 250 legal community members and provides a consistent source of funding for student stipends. Emilio noted, “When the lightbulb went on in my head in the summer of 1989, I had a vague notion of what it [OLSPIF] could become, but never in my wildest dreams could I foresee where it is now.”

OLSPIF also thanks Paul Bruch (JD ’09) and the Hon. Doug Mitchell (JD ’83), who also completed their service on the OLSPIF Community Board, a board that has helped propel OLSPIF to yet a higher level. OLSPIF Community Board members support the work of the student leaders who organize the annual OLSPIF Auction and Dinner, and they select the recipients of OLSPIF stipends.

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