Portland Professionals Engage

Portland-Area Professionals

Oregon Law is eager to engage our enthusiastic Portland-area alumni and friends with the Portland Program and our students.  If you are a Portland-area professional interested in being involved, you have several options. Please contact us today.

Share Your Wisdom
Consider presenting to students through one of our innovative Perspectives on Practice programs, or POPs as we like to call them. Through POPs, Oregon Law seeks to engage lawyers of all kinds—in government, private practice, business, and the nonprofit and public interest sectors—to share their professional experiences and advice with our students and recent graduates. POPs typically take place during the noon hour, can be given at both our Portland or Eugene campuses, and can feature anywhere from one to several attorneys connecting around a central theme or topic. If you would like to participate in a POP as a guest speaker, please contact Portland Program managing director Emily Johnson and let us know the topic(s) or theme(s) about which you are passionate. 

Portland area professionals can also share their experiences and advice with students in one-on-one settings through our Take a Student to Coffee Directory. The Take a Student to Coffee Directory is a private, opt-in, internal list of Portland area professionals who are willing to engage with our students and recent graduates via phone or email, over coffee or lunch, or through other low commitment means. Portland Program faculty and staff use the list to connect students and recent graduates with local professionals who have experience in the student's area of interest and can offer substantive knowledge and advice to their questions. If you would like to be included in our Take our Student to Coffee Directory, please contact Portland Program managing director Emily Johnson with your name, areas of expertise and experience, and how you would like students to contact you (phone or email).

Be a Mentor
Through our Portland Mentorship Program, we seek to match each Oregon Law student enrolled in the Portland Program with a Portland-area mentor during the student’s 3L year. Through the mentoring relationship, we hope mentors will provide frank advice, support, and guidance to their student-mentees as these students begin seriously thinking about making the transition from law school to practice. Mentor-mentee matches are made based on a student’s substantive interests and the mentor’s expertise, experience, and desire to share the wisdom gained through the course of their professional career.  Mentors meet with their mentees in person at least every four to six weeks, as well as attend a handful of events hosted by the Portland Program specifically for mentees and mentors.  Please contact Portland Program managing director Emily Johnson at any time if you have questions about the mentorship program or are interested in serving as a mentor.

Supervise an Extern
Oregon Law’s Externship Program allows students to earn academic credit while developing practical lawyering skills outside of the classroom through a rigorously supervised externship. As an externship field supervisor, you will be responsible for providing and overseeing the substantive legal work of your extern and giving your extern regular feedback. Note, generally, externship field placements must be with a judicial, government, or nonprofit organization. Under certain circumstances, a for-profit law firm or in-house counsel may also host an externship. You can find more information about our Externship Program and the roles and responsibilities of an externship supervisor here. But you may also feel free to contact us directly to learn more about the externship process.

Hire a Law Clerk
If you could use some extra help in your workplace, now or sometime in the future, consider hiring one of our entrepreneurial and hardworking students as a law clerk in your office. Our third-year students are eager to sharpen their practice skills while gaining real-world legal experience. Once you contact us, we will collect some basic information, ensure your position is posted to Oregon Law’s internal employer database, and share the posting with our students.

Stay Connected
Periodically, the Portland Program will publish e-newsletters, share updates on the Portland Program, and promote Oregon Law events happening Portland. We would love to keep in touch with you! If you would like to hear from the Portland Program, please let us know so we can add you to our contact list

Additionally, we strongly encourage alumni to join our PDXLegalDucks listserv created specifically for Oregon Law alumni living and working in the Portland area to stay connected to one another and their alma mater.  To join the PDXLegalDucks listserv, send a request to lawpdx@uoregon.edu. 

Contact Us Today

For all other questions and inqueries, please contact us at the email address or phone numbers below. We would love to hear from you.

Emily Johnson, Managing Director of the Portland Program
ejohnso5@uoregon.edu | (503) 412-0468

Mohsen Manesh, Associate Professor and Faculty Director of the Portland Program
mohsen@uoregon.edu | (503) 412-3749