Reciprocity is the system law school career offices use to share access to job searching tools and listings for students and graduates. If you are interested in requesting reciprocity, please read the information below.

Students from Other Schools Requesting Reciprocity with Oregon Law

•  Unless you are attending a school that is a member of the Northwest Consortium of law schools, you will need to have your school’s career office request reciprocity on your behalf. View our reciprocity policy.

•  Once you have been granted reciprocity with Oregon Law, you can log in to Symplicity.

Oregon Law Students Who Wish to Request Reciprocity With Another School

•  Our office must request reciprocity on your behalf. To start that process, send an e-mail to the Oregon Law Career Center and request up to three specific schools in order of priority. Note that schools in some areas, including California, may require that you receive reciprocity in only one school in their area; the services vary by school (for instance, not all schools offer online access, some schools may offer a graduate newsletter by subscription, a fee may be required for online access, and some schools restrict access to 3Ls and graduates); and virtually all schools close reciprocity during the fall on-campus interview season. Check school websites for reciprocity policies blackout periods.

•  As a member of the Northwest Consortium of law schools (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah), we can offer students and graduates access to job listings at the other member schools through a more informal process. If you are interested in job listings in these areas, check the Northwest Reciprocity Overview for information on requesting in-consortium reciprocity.

•  An additional resource is BYU's Intercollegiate Job Bank, where graduate jobs newsletters are posted (which can be a great resource for 3Ls as well). Not all schools participate, but since we do, you are able to access the other newsletters on the website. Students: go to Online Resources & Passwords in the Symplicity Document Library.

If you have questions, please email us at or call 541-346-3847.