Student Awards

In 2013-14, Professor Liz Frost served as the inaugural Galen Scholar in Legal Writing and instituted two awards that celebrate excellent student writing. 

The Excellence in Legal Writing Award is awarded to up to three students each semester. Second- and third-year JD students and masters law students are eligible for the award.  A faculty committee selects the recipients' papers based on originality and relevance of the topic; cogency, logic, and reasoning in the analysis; and clarity of grammar, organization, citation, and writing style. 

The 2017-2018 Excellence in Legal Writing Award was presented to the following students in recognition of their outstanding work:

Aaron Haynes for Up in Smoke: The Looming Insolvency of Oregon Marijuana Growers and the Case for Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Relief



Emily Hajarizadeh for Growing with Water Hazards in California: State and Local Leadership for Climate Adaptation in Comprehensive General Land Use Plans



Bridget Schaaff for Using Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws to Avoid ERISA: Securing Protection from Transgender Discrimination in Employee Health Benefit Plans



The Excellence in Written Advocacy Award recognizes excellent writing produced by first-year Legal Research and Writing students at Oregon Law.  The LRW faculty selects recipients based on the appellate briefs students write in the spring semester of the course; the criteria include analysis, research, persuasiveness, and clear writing. 

The LRW faculty is delighted to honor the following first-year legal writing students with the 2017-2018 Excellence in Written Advocacy Award: 

Amy Hoover




Cate Gelband 




Mat Roundy





Natalie Pattison




Peter Baum




Morgan Lawless





Elizabeth Stubbs




Jacob Sweet