First-Year Core Course Descriptions

LAW 611
4Examines contractual relationships from formation through interpretation and breach to remedies and potential third-party rights. Covers the common law of contracts and Uniform Commercial Code, Article 2, which governs contracts for the sale of goods.
LAW 613
4Liability for intentional and negligently caused injuries to person and property, strict liability, vicarious liability, abnormally dangerous activities, products liability, nuisance, invasion of privacy, defamation, defenses and immunities, the impact of insurance and risk distribution upon liability, accident compensation plans, damages, losses.
LAW 615
Civil Procedure
4Survey of federal court organization and jurisdiction and of systems of civil procedure.
LAW 643
Constitutional Law I
3Government structure and individual rights are examined in the context of the authority of courts to declare legislative acts unconstitutional. Includes congressional regulatory power under the Commerce Clause, implied limits on state regulatory power, and the substantive dimensions of due process.
LAW 617
4Nature and function of private property rights. Topics may include the common law classification of estates in land; forms of concurrent ownership; landlord and tenant; adverse possession; incorporeal interests in land, easements, covenants, and servitudes; title; introduction to land use issues and judicial legislative developments in law.
LAW 618
Criminal Law
4Administration of criminal law and the definition of crimes as a technique of social order with primary basic elements of criminal liability. Emphasis on sources of definitions, limitations of culpability, and defenses.
LAW 622 & LAW 623
Legal Research & Writing
6Integrated instruction in legal research, analysis, and writing of legal memoranda emphasizes research strategies, problem solving, and the relationship between research strategies and analysis. Writing assignments, each progressively more difficult, are evaluated by faculty members. Offered in small sections. Includes library workshops and individual conferences.