UO Law Grading System

With a few small variations, UO Law uses the UO grading system that includes the following grades and quality points for determining grade point averages. 

GradeQuality pointsDescriptions
F0Unsatisfactory, no credit awarded
++ 0.3With A, B, C, D
-- 0.3

With A, B, C

(D- not awarded in graduate-level law courses)
NNo PassUnsatisfactory (calculated as F [0 points] in GPA of graduate-level law courses)

Marks of P, I, AU, W, and X do not count in the GPA computation 

Gradequality pointsDescriptions
PPassSatisfactory (D or above for graduate-level law)
I Incomplete
AU Audit, no credit awarded
W Student has officially withdrawn
X Instructor did not report grade

UO Law Grade Distribution Policy 

  • The mean grade point average of all students in all first-year courses must fall within the range of 2.70 and 3.00.
  • There is no policy on mean grade point average or grade distribution for second- and third-year courses.