Past OCW Events and Publications

Northwest Water Law Symposium (NW-WLS)
October 9, 2010
White Stag Building, UO Portland

5th Annual Heceta Head Coastal Conference, Florence, Oregon, October 23-24, 2009.

Professor Roberta Mann, 10th Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation “Like Water for Energy: The Water-Energy Nexus Through the Lens of Tax Policy” Lisbon, September 23-25, 2009.

The Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation Annual Symposium: Advocating for an Environment of Equality: Legal and Ethical Duties in a Changing Climate, University of Oregon School of Law, September 11, 2009.

Professor Richard Hildreth, International and U.S. Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Ships and Ports, Law of the Sea Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 26-29, 2009.

“Freshwater Conservation: A Review of Oregon Water Law & Policy,” for The Nature Conservancy, August 2008 (available through the Nature Conservancy Office in Portland, Oregon)

The Nature Conservancy and the ENR Center are pleased to announce the release of “Freshwater Conservation: A Review of Oregon Water Law & Policy,” a joint project between Adell Amos, Assistant Professor and Director of ENR, and Leslie Bach, The Nature Conservancy of Oregon. The report provides a legal and policy overview of Oregon water law from the perspective of freshwater conservation.

September 2008 Summary of Forum for Offshore Aquaculture by Jocelyn Pease

October 2008 ENR Fellow, Alison Torbitt on the West Coast Ocean Energy Conference

Video Tribute, In Memory of Chapin Clark, March, 2007

Austin Williams, The Pacific Salmon Treaty: A Historical Analysis and Prescription for the Future, 22 J. ENVTL. L. & LITIG. (Spring 2007).