Advocacy Resources

The Oregon Child Advocacy Project provides research assistance and consultation to attorneys in cases where they represent the interests of children. Permission to reprint these documents is granted, so long as no fee is charged and the source is acknowledged. Attorneys who would like to propose projects should contact the director.


Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

Investigation of Child Abuse and Neglect

Camreta v. Greene: Constitutional Limits on Child Abuse Investigations

Dependency Cases Planning and Services

Reasonable Efforts to Reunify in Dependency Cases

Juvenile Court Authority in Dependency Cases

Decision Making Authority for Dependent Children Who are Not in the Custody of DHS

Authority of Oregon Juvenile Courts to Review DHS Actions in Child Dependency Cases


TPR - Procedural and Substansive Issues

Guardians ad Litem for Parents in Dependency and TPR Cases

Termination of Parental Rights in Extreme Conduct Cases

Amicus Curiae Brief — Children’s Interests are Best Served by Prompt Resolution of TPR Cases on the Merits


Kids Aging Out of State Care


Juvenile Delinquency

Waiver of Counsel in Delinquency Proceedings
Kids: Should We Lock ‘Em Up for Life?

Ethical Issues for Attorneys

When A Child Has a Tort Claim: What is the Child’s Attorney to Do?

Faith Healing and Criminal Liability

Parents' Faith and Children's Health

Children and Immigration Law

The Children of Undocumented Immigrants and the Law

Children and the First Amendment

Child Protection v. Free Speech


Determining Paternity

The 2007 Amendments to Oregon Paternity Law

The Impact of the 2007 Amendments to Oregon’s Paternity Law on Dependency Proceedings in Juvenile Court

Challenges to Paternity Orders in Oregon — Standing and Grounds (2006)
(Note: This memo does not reflect changes enacted by the legislature in 2007.)