Past Participating Nonprofits

A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village
“Inspire children of all ages to learn and grow through play.”

The clinic gives our organization more direction. Moving towards where we want to go and be in the future. They found areas we needed to fix and by making the changes we could potentially see an increase in revenue and a change in the overall working conditions of the organization.

– Discovery Village Administration

CentroLatino Americano
“We are a bilingual, multicultural agency dedicated to the empowerment of the Latino community of Lane County by offering social services, access to community resources, and advocating for fair treatment.”

The Civil Liberties Defense Center
“The Civil Liberties Defense Center’s mission focuses on defending and upholding civil liberties through education, outreach, litigation, and legal support and assistance. The CLDC strives to preserve the strength and vitality of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. and state constitutions, as well as to protect freedom of expression.”

Having a neutral outside set of eyes evaluate our nonprofit was super valuable, especially the evaluation of legal compliances and best practices.  We do not have funds to set up such an evaluation on our own.  The report and resource materials will keep us busy due to the abundance of material we would like to integrate into our program.

– CLDC Board Member


Thank you for the clinic and for allowing us to be a part of the assessment process.  The information was very valuable for me personally, and as well, members of our board became much more engaged as a result of the conversation, communication, and information dispensed by the students and faculty that assisted with the clinic.  Thank you for helping to make us a better organization and thus able to serve the wonderful volunteer coaches, the kids, and the many KIDSPORT families in a much more effective and productive way.

– Kidsports Executive Director, Bev Smith

Nearby Nature
"Fostering appreciation of nature nearby and providing tools for ecological living.”

Northwest Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Network, Inc
“Creating Safe and Effective Learning Environments Where ALL Students Succeed.”

Oregon Aviation Historical Society
“To collect, preserve, and restore Oregon related aviation artifacts for interpretive and educational display to insure the preservation of Oregon’s rich aviation heritage for future generations.”

Oregon Association of Rowers
“The Oregon Association of Rowers was formed as a non-profit corporation in 1988 to further the sport of rowing in the upper Willamette Valley. The primary objective of OAR is providing education for persons engaged in the sport of rowing, which is growing significantly in the U.S.”

Our team leader, did an outstanding job with organization, communication and follow through.  Very organized and professional throughout. I would strongly recommend the clinic to other nonprofits as a valuable undertaking worth doing.  It allows an opportunity to step back and gain or regain perspective and refocus in an organized and thoughtful forum.

– OAR Member

I feel that this process was extremely helpful to our organization. We are growing and coming from just a few folks who wanted to row together to a much larger group and a full fledged non-profit organization with many goals we would like to reach. This process helped us recognize both the areas where we are doing pretty well, and the places which need improvement. It was very helpful for us to have experts in the field of non-profit organizations provide insights that will help us move forward in a legal, positive and efficient manner. Thanks so much!

– OAR Member

The Siuslaw Watershed Council
“The Siuslaw Watershed Council supports sound economic social and environmental uses of natural and human resources in the Siuslaw River Basin.” 

What a windfall for a nonprofit! The report provides very pertinent conclusions and recommendations; identifies specific areas for our focus. Having the "outside" review gives us good credible baseline of things we need to work on.

– Siusliaw Watershed Council

SAIL Housing
“Our Mission is to advocate for and promote sustainable housing for persons with developmental disabilities in a life-enriching environment that fosters dignity and independence.”

The clinic created an environment for the board to reflect on where we have been and where we'd like to go.

– SAIL Board Member