Community Legal Services for Survivors

The University of Oregon’s Domestic Violence Clinic

Community Legal Services for Survivors

The Domestic Violence Clinic is a partnership between the University of Oregon School of Law and local advocacy organizations (Womenspace, for survivors of domestic violence, Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS), for survivors of sexual assault, and Victim Services of Lane County).

The Domestic Violence Clinic provides legal services to low-income survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking while educating University of Oregon law students in the skills required for client representation in a litigation-based practice. The Clinic provides services ranging from restraining and stalking protective orders to keep survivors safe, as well as, family law, employment, and housing issues.

The Clinic accepts clients by referral only. To make an appointment with a licensed attorney at the Clinic, please contact one of the above local advocacy organizations. If you already have an appointment or have general Clinic questions, the Clinic staff can be reached at (541) 346-8555.

If you are student of a higher education institution in Lane County seeking legal assistance or advice please contact Student Survivor Legal Services.

To read more about the educational opportunities the Domestic Violence Clinic provides for UO law students, please click here:  Link.

If you are a student and would like to learn more about Clinic opportunities, please login to MyLaw and follow the link “Clinics and Externships.”


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