Caroline Forell: The Best of the University of Oregon

This year, Professor Caroline Forell moved into retirement from her tenure at University of Oregon Law. She joined the UO law faculty in 1978 immediately after law school at the University of Iowa, where she served on the staff of Iowa Law Review. During her time on the faculty, Forell's research has focused on legal issues affecting women in several areas of law including trusts and estates, criminal law, animal law, and tort law. The intertwining of these fields allowed Forell to look at women’s issues from a variety of angles and make connections often overlooked by a singular focus.

As an advocate for survivors, Forell has played an instrumental role in the existence of the Domestic Violence Clinic at UO. When the Clinic was originally founded, Forell took up the project with Professor Merle Weiner and Professor Leslie Harris. For several years, Forell played an active role in teaching and assisting with cases. Throughout the Clinic’s existence, Forell has been an enthusiastic supporter and an important source of knowledge and wisdom.

Forell asserts that the accomplishment she is most proud of is that she co-authored, with Donna Matthews, "A Law of Her Own: The Reasonable Woman as a Measure of Man" (NYU Press, 2000). Though Forell’s teaching history has shied away from family law, her research and writing frequently addressed domestic violence. She has written extensively about the legal and ethical standards appropriate for intimate relationships involving various professionals and those they are responsible for, including the relationships of attorney-client, faculty-student, and doctor-patient.

Forell strongly recommends the Clinic not only as a community resource but also as an avenue for learning. She calls it “one of the best places to get a really good experience, even if you don’t end up working in domestic violence, [students] will understand it. It’s a real win, win, win, win.”

As Forell moves into her retirement, she will continue to teach two courses over the next few years. This will allow Forell time to pursue some of her nonacademic passions such as riding horses, traveling the world, and enjoying her new grandchild.

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