Domestic Violence Clinic Gets a New Home

When the Clinic started sixteen years ago, it had one attorney and was housed above a fish and chips shop next to the Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center. Since then, it has grown to three attorneys and is located at the University of Oregon.         

In August 2015, the Clinic moved out of a not-so-desirable space in Agate Hall to a wonderful new facility near the law school. The new location offers more privacy, security, and space to facilitate services and teach students. While no one has measured it’s size, there are probably about 1300 - 1400 square feet of space. There is an office for each attorney, a classroom, a waiting room, and an interview room. A closet houses all of the supplies and office equipment. In addition, staff share a kitchen with some other tenants.

The quality of one’s environment matters. The attorneys report that they feel more relaxed, better able to concentrate, and more inclined to work as a team given the layout of the space. Clinic clients, upon entering a place that seems like a law office, feel more confident in the students who represent them. UO law students know that the work they do is valued, not only by their clients, but also by the University. That makes them happier.

The Clinic does not publicize its address as keeping a low profile enhances the feeling of safety for everyone. However, the Clinic held an open house early in the year for the law school community and community partners. If you’d like a tour of the space, feel free to contact Merle Weiner.

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