Externships - Checklist

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  • Ensure you are eligible.
  • Find out if the placement has been approved already.
    • If not, ask the field supervisor to complete an application.
  • Apply for the externship with the placement office.
  • Once you accept a placement, write to others you might have applied to and politely withdraw.
  • Find a faculty supervisor.
    • If you are in an umbrella externship, then the registration form in Symplicity will autofill the supervisor.
  • Initiate registration on Symplicity.

To learn whether a specific organization or office has been preapproved, click here.  To propose a new placement, click here.

*Effective Spring 2019*

If you wish to receive both compensation and credit for an externship, your request must be approved by the curriculum committee.  Please follow the above process for proposing a new externship.