Externships - Faculty Supervisor Requirements

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Faculty Supervisors are expected to:

  • Teach the course component;
  • Review the student’s journals or the equivalent and any other written work products;
  • Collect and review time logs to ensure that the student is meeting the hour requirements for the amount of credits he or she is receiving;
  • Communicate with the student on a regular basis in a critical evaluation of the externship placement;
  • Periodically conduct on-site visits or their equivalent;
  • Review evaluations submitted by the field supervisor;
  • Ensure that the field supervisor is providing the student with an experience consistent with these rules and the educational goals of the law school;
  • Award credit for the externship at the end of the semester as appropriate; and
  • Provide an end-of-semester report on the externship placement to the Director, using the Faculty Supervisor Field Placement Report (see link below).

Faculty Supervisor Field Placement Report  (Word Doc)