Become Practice Ready

Get Real-World Experience With Clinics and Field Placements

Oregon Law's Clinics and Field Placements Program goes beyond classroom concepts to make you practice ready. The program offers second- and third-year students access to a variety of practical work experiences that enable you to experience what it's like to practice law before you graduate.

The demand for real-world practice experience is at an all-time high, and employers recognize the value of experiential training during law school. 

Almost 85% of Oregon Law grads have participated in at least one clinical or field placement opportunity before they graduate.

Many of these students point to that real-world learning experience as one of the most valuable in law school.


Experiential Learning Requirement

Beginning with the 1L class matriculating August 2016*, the American Bar Association has added a graduation requirement of six credit hours in “one or more experiential courses.” Experiential courses may be law clinics, field placements (i.e., externships), or simulation courses.

Some courses are designated as satisfying either the Writing Requirement or the Experiential Requirement, but a student cannot use the same course to satisfy both the Writing Requirement and the Experiential Requirement.

The following law clinics, field placements, and simulation courses have been designated as meeting the law school’s Experiential Requirement for 2016 – 2017:

*For students graduating in 2017 and 2018, the former skills requirement will apply. These students will be required to complete three credits in a clinic, externship, or a skills course.  See MyLaw for list of applicable courses.


Learn More

Clinics offer students opportunities to work with clients in one of 8 different practice settings.

Field Placements offer students opportunities to pursue even more unique and specialized practical experiences than are available through a clinical offering.


Simulation Courses

ADR Litigation Strategy (Effective Spring 2019)

Advanced Appellate Advocacy (with K. Bell) (Effective Spring 2019)

Environmental Policy Practicum

Mediation (Effective Fall 2019)


Transaction Business Lab

Trial Practice