Law Spotlight: Donovan Bonner

A spirit of competitive excellence

Growing up in the Bay Area means being surrounded by some of the best professional sports teams in the nation. And for sports and business law student Donovan Bonner (3L), that spirit of competitive excellence has carried him to Oregon Law.

Hailing from Hercules, Calif., Donovan pursued an undergraduate degree in business management with a concentration in sports management at Menlo College, south of San Francisco. But simply pursuing the degree was not enough. Donovan strove to get his foot in the door, interning with professional sports teams like the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, and the Oakland Athletics. He began to envision his future—that of a sports agent. With that vision in mind, he committed to the University of Oregon School of Law.

Donovan is not the kind of student who waits for opportunity to knock. He is a member of several organizations at Oregon Law, including the Sports and Entertainment Law Forum; the Law and Entrepreneurship Student Association; the Law of Intellectual Property Student Association; the Black Law Students Association; and he is a power forward for his championship-winning team in the Legal Basketball Association.

Beyond student organizations, Donovan has also pursued and secured career-boosting opportunities. He is currently engaged in a year-long internship as a law clerk with the Bonneville Power Administration while he completes his third year of study at Oregon Law Portland in the heart of downtown. He has also clerked for the Immix Law Group, a firm in downtown Portland focused on business law and litigation. And recently, Donovan secured a legal externship at Nike World Headquarters, where he will provide legal research and writing for Nike's legal department. There, he will assist Nike's in-house attorneys in general and support wide-ranging and diverse business transactions. 

In the job market, Donovan has experienced how strong legal research and writing skills increase his value to employers. He attributes his success in securing so many competitive internships and externships thanks in part to his professors in Oregon Law’s top-ranked Legal Research and Writing program. "Professor's Rocklin's ability to translate information and her intellectual excitement about legal research and writing is what makes her a great professor. She pushed us and had high expectations, but it always came from a sincere place. She is the pillar of what students want in a law professor." 

Donovan realizes that in order to gain early success, you need vision and a drive to make your dreams a reality. He feels that active participation in all of Oregon Law’s networking events helped him find opportunities and set him on a strong career path. 

This passionate student’s advice for new and incoming students is to, “start making connections early in law school. You never know who you are going to meet!"