ADR: About the Center

With ADR, lawyers become more capable and authentic advocates for clients in dispute resolution, decision analysis, and deal-making contexts.  Oregon's nationally-ranked, award-winning ADR Center advances the study of dispute resolution through classes, events, applied projects, trainings and workshops, and academic research.

Our People

U.S. News and World Reports has ranked the University of Oregon School of Law's ADR Center in the top ten dispute resolution programs since 2007.  In 2016, the ADR Center received the Ninth Circuit's ADR Education Award.

  • Faculty.  We are fortunate at the University of Oregon School of Law to have dedicated and interdisciplinary faculty affiliated with the ADR Center.  Learn more about these faculty here.
  • Partners.  The ADR Center hosts the Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution, a state office supporting sixteen community dispute resolution centers in 25 Oregon counties.  Additionally, the ADR Center works closely with the following:
  • Founders.  In 2000, Jane Gordon, Lisa Kloppenberg, and Michael Moffitt co-founded Oregon Law’s ADR Center, building on the popular Appropriate Dispute Resolution Program started by Kloppenberg in the 1990s. The ADR Center has since become one of Oregon Law’s most successful and well-established programs. 

Our Purpose

Oregon Law’s ADR Center emphasizes the importance of working toward social justice through alternative processes and innovative research.  One of the most common criticisms of ADR is that it prioritizes peace at the expense of justice.  Here at Oregon Law’s ADR Center, we believe that there can be no peace without justice—but that pursuing justice often requires creative, collaborative, alternative approaches.

The three parts of our commitment to social justice are scholarship, projects, and the annual Big Question.  Oregon Law’s ADR faculty researches and writes scholarship that examines how dispute resolution and systems design can improve (or worsen) equality and other social justice concerns.  Our student research fellows spearhead and assist with projects that further social justice goals.  And each year, the ADR Center announces a "Big Question" around which we organize our programming for the year.

We welcome opportunities to work with other organizations, on campus and off, toward innovative creative solutions to persistent social justice challenges.