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traffic on NY bridge
October 28
The Washington Post: Assistant Professor Greg Dotson provides expert commentary. 
Lebanon protesters
October 25
Al Jazeera English: Associate Professor Michael Fakhri contributes an opinion piece.
Chair, P.K. Runkles-Pearson.
October 24
Capitol Insider: The nonpartisan commission group is located at and staffed by Oregon Law.
86% Oregon Law alumni pass rate 2019 OSB Exam 100% WA State Exam
October 14
Alumni of the School of Law who sat for the bar exam for the first time this July achieved a pass rate of 86 percent in Oregon and 100 percent pass rates in both Washington and Idaho.
view through glass windows into a conference room
October 10
Bloomberg News: Associate Professor Elizabeth Tippett provides expert commentary. Also picked up by the Minnesota Lawyer.
sexual harassment complaint form
October 10
National Whistleblower Center: Associate Professor Elizabeth Tippett contributes a guest blog. Originally published in The Conversation.
Attorney, jurist and professor David Schuman speaking
October 10
The Register Guard: Obituary of David Schuman.
Attorney, jurist and professor David Schuman speaking
October 10
 Around the O: Remembering the enduring legacy of David Schuman.
Oregon Law 1884-2019, 135 years
October 10
Since its founding on October 10, 1884, the University of Oregon School of Law and its faculty and helped shape the foundational laws of the state and the region for 135 years.