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Roy and Jan Dwyer
January 28
Oregon Law alum Roy Dwyer gives back to the school that inspired him
January 27
National Public Radio: UO law professor Greg Dotson provides expert commentary, All Things Considered, January 27, 2021
January 26
Celebrating the legacy of former Oregon Law Dean Rennard Strickland.
Alex Dionne
January 26
Every law student must decide what type of law they want to practice - and what type of lawyer they want to be. Since day-one at Oregon Law, Alex Dionne JD ’21 has pursued the answer to these questions. 
Roy Dwyer in front of the Grand Canyon of Oman
January 25
Roy Dwyer won’t stop exploring the world, practicing law, or giving backBend personal injury attorney Roy Dwyer, BS ’59 (history), BL ’62 (law), has visited 45 countries, finding adventure around the world. The pandemic may have postponed further discovery this year, but he’s already making plans for when the world opens up again.
January 25
AARP: UO law professor Liz Tippett provides expert commentary.
Nicole Meyer
January 25
Alumna Nicole Meyer, JD ‘20, had her first experience with the law school her freshmen year at the UO. 
January 23
Salon: UO law professor Liz Tippett wrote for The Conversation.
Lia Epperson
January 19
American University Washington College of Law Professor Lia Epperson will speak at the annual Derrick Bell Lecture on February 12, 2021.
Former Dean Rennard Strickland
January 12
Rennard Strickland, former University of Oregon School of Law Dean, passed away January 5, 2021, in Norman, Oklahoma. He was 80 years old. Strickland served as dean from 1997 to 2002, and on the faculty until his retirement in 2006.