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May 22
Marketplace: Associate Professor Elizabeth Tippett is interviewed.
recipients of the Pro Bono Awards
May 21
The University School of Law reports that this past school year, 42 students reported 3,707 pro bono hours.
Class of 2020 Pro Bono Honors
May 21
Oregon Law has a long history of dedication to public service, and the following third-year students are recognized for completing at least 40 hours of pro bono during their law school career. At graduation, they will be recognized with Pro Bono Honors.
business law clinic students and supervising attorneys
May 20
Left to Right:  Anthony Adams (2L), Kristie Gibson (Supervising Attorney), Jacob Landsberg (2L), and Mindy Wittkop (Director and Supervising Attorney) during a remote Business Law Clinic session.
May 19
The Conversation: Associate Professor Elizabeth Tippett writes for The Conversation. The story was picked up by the following outlets: Houston Chronicle, Greenwich CT Time, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Yahoo! News, Gainesville Daily Register, The Register-Guard and The Conversation UK.
Update from the Dean
May 18
Oregon Law: Announcing exciting remote summer opportunities, virtual offerings, and commencement updates.
May 13
Oregon Law is pleased to announce that it will sponsor ten students to participate in its Summer 2020 Litigation Lab.
May 13
APA Division 15: Associate Professor Erik Girvan sits down with Dr. Jeff Greene for the APA Division 15 podcast, to discuss his 2019 Educational Psychologist article, “Tail, Tusk, and Trunk: What Different Metrics Reveal About Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline.”
May 8
All Africa: Associate Professor Michael Fakhri is recognized as the UN’s new Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.
JD Class of 2020 with Dean Burke
May 7
The University of Oregon School of Law will launch its virtual commencement on Saturday, May 30.