ENR Recent Publications

Prescribed Fire Policy Barriers and Opportunities: A Diversity of Challenges and Strategies Across the West (2018). By Courtney Schultz, Heidi Huber-Stearns, Sarah McCaffrey, Douglas Quirke, Gwen Ricco, and Cassandra Moseley

Zeroing Out Climate Change: A "Hard Look" at Trump's Social Cost of Carbon 48 Envtl. L. Rep. 10479 (2018). By Doyle Elizabeth Canning

Green Ethics for Judges, 86 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 711 (2018). By Tom Lininger 

Finding water scarcity amid abundance using human-natural system models 114 Proc. of the Nat'l Acad of Science in the U.S. 45 (2017). By William K. Jager, Adell Amos, Daniel P. Bigelow, et. al 

The Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles and E-Commerce on Local  Government Budgeting and  Finance. Urbanism Next (2017). By Ben Clark, Nico Larco, and Roberta Mann. 

Between Community Stability and the "Greatest Good": Legal Obligations of the U.S. Forest Service Toward Rural Communities, 1891-2016 (2017). By Douglas Quirke, Cassandra Moseley, and Jesse Abrams

Realizing the Atmospheric Recovery Plan: The Sky Trust Implementation (2017). Zachary Green 

Enforcing Human Rights Against Fracking Through the Public Trust Principle (2017). By Rance Shaw and Mary Wood. 

Lessons and Strategies from Oregon's Would-be Voluntary Renewable Energy Tariff (2017). By Ariel Stavitsky 

No Ordinary Lawsuit: Climate Change, Due Process, and The Public Trust Doctrine, 67 Am. U. L. Rev. 1 (2017). By Michael C. Blumm and Mary Wood 

Controlling the Environmental Costs of Obesity, 47 Envtl. L. 697 (2017). ByRoberta Mann

Realizing the Atmospheric Recovery Plan: The Sky Trust Implementation (2017). By Zachary Green

The Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles and E-Commerce on Local Government Budgeting and Finance (2017). Sustainable Citities Initiative: Urbanism Next Research Initiative. By Benjamin Y. Clark, Nico Larco, and Roberta F. Mann 

Gauging US and EU Seal Regimes in the Arctic Against Inuit Sovereignty (2017). A Working paper by Michael Fakhri, Associate Professor. 

Atmospheric Trust Litigation and the Constitutional Right to a Healthy Climate System: Judicial Recognition at Last, 6(2) WASH. J. ENVTL. L. & POL'Y 634 (2016). By ENR Faculty Director Professor Mary Wood and Research Associate Charles W. Woodward IV 

Administrative and Judicial Review of NEPA Decisions: Risk Factors and Risk Minimizing Strategies for the Forest Service (2016). By ENR Research Associate Douglas Quirke, Audrey Bixler, R. Patrick Bixler, Autumn Ellison, and Cassandra Mosely

When Less is More: An Energy Efficiency Set-Aside as a Leakage Mitigation Strategy Under the Clean Power Plan (2016). By ENR Bowerman Fellow Ariel Stavitsky

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation: Lessons from West Coast States (2016). By Department of Planning, Public Policy, and Management Professor Rebecca Lewis, Sustainable Cities Initiative Research Associate Robert Zako, and ENR Sustainable Land Use Project Fellows Rory Isbell and Alexis Biddle

Green Ethics for Lawyers, 57 B.C.L. REV. 61 (2016). By University of Oregon Law Professor Tom Lininger

Good Neighbor Authority in the State of Oregon: Comparison of State and Federal Contracting Provisions (2016). By ENR Research Associate Douglas Quirke and Cassandra Mosely

The Public Trust Doctrine and Environmental Decision Making (2016). By ENR Bowerman Fellow Gordon Levitt, ENR David Brower Fellow Nathan Bellinger, ENR Research Associate Jared Margolis, and ENR Research Associate Douglas Quirke

Drought in the American West: Creating Opportunities for Increased Sustainability Through Reformation of Water Allocation Systems, The Long View, Oregon State Bar Sustainable Future Section (2016). By ENR Fellow, Oceans, Coasts, and Watersheds Project, Jill Randolph

The Public Trust Doctrine: A Primer (2016). By ENR Research Associate Douglas Quirke

Incentives for Riparian Buffer Protection on Industrial Forest Land in the McKenzie River Subbasin, (2015). By ENR EWEB Fellow Wes Knoll, ENR Fellow Eric Trotta, and ENR Research Associate Douglas Quirke

No Man is an Island: Low-Lying Nations' Economic Security Through a Fixed Exclusive Economic Zone in the Wake of Sea-Level Rise (2015). By ENR Fellow, Global Environmental Democracy Project, Ashley Carter

The Legal Landscape of Wave Energy Pilot Projects on the Oregon Coast, 30 J. ENVTL. L. & LITIG. 341 (2015). By ENR Bowerman Fellow, Oceans, Coasts, and Watersheds Project, Kristina Kraaz

Effectiveness of Transferrable Tax Credits for the Donation of a Conservation Easement: Comparison of Colorado and New Mexico, W. ENVTL. L. UPDATE 1 (2015). By ENR Fellow Wes Knoll

Penalties and Incentives: Approaches to Clean Energy Legislation, W. ENVTL. L. UPDATE 19 (2015). By ENR Fellow, Energy Law and Policy Project, Maggie Boberg

The Problem with Pesticide Registration, W. ENVTL. L. UPDATE 11 (2015). By ENR student Emily Knobbe

Honeybees and the Law: Protecting Our Pollinators, 30 J. ENVTL. L. & LITIG. 219 (2015). By ENR student Emily Knobbe

The Tribal Trust and Government-to-Government Consultation in a New Ecological Age, 93 OR. L. REV. 3 (2015). By ENR Bowerman Fellow, Native Environmental Sovereignty Project, Amanda Rogerson

New Decisions Affirm Municipal Authority to Prohibit Hydraulic Fracturing Through Zoning Ordinances, 13.4 The SandBar 4 (2014). By ENR student Jesse Hardval

Developing the Law of the River: The Intergration of Law and Policy into Hydrologic and Socio-Economic Modeling Efforts in the Willamette River Basin, 62 KAN. L. REV. 1091 (2014). By ENR Professor Adell Amos

Fire and Ice: Regulating Methane Hydrate as a Potential New Energy Source, 29 J. ENVTL. L. & LITIG. 3 (2014).  By ENR Fellow, Global Environmental Democracy Project, Erin Jackson

Open Space Protection in Medford, Oregon: A Menu of Legal and Planning Strategies, Appendix A, Appendix B (2014). By ENR Bowerman Fellow and MA in Planning, Public Policy and Management student, KC McFerson

Organic Farming, Drift, and the Law: Addressing the Legal Mechanisms Enabling Pesticide and GMO Drift in American Agriculture, (2014). By ENR Bowerman Fellows, Elizabeth Berg and Zachariah Baker, and ENR Research Associate Jared Margolis

Hawaii Protects Groundwater Using the Public Trust Doctrine, 13.1 The SandBar 4 (2014). By ENR Fellow Rebecca Rushton

Bypassing Roadblocks to Renewable Energy: Understanding Electricity Law and the Legal Tools Available to Advance Clean Energy, 92 OR. L. REV. 1 (2013). By ENR Bowerman Fellow, Energy Law and Policy Project, Kaylie Klein

Ocean Acidification in Oregon: Laws and Policies Addressing Ocean Acidification in State Waters (2013). By ENR Fellow, Oceans, Coasts, and Watersheds Project, Dominique Rossi

The Intersection Between Food Sovereignty and Law, Natural Resources & Environment, (Fall 2013) By ENR Bowerman Fellow, Food Resiliency Project, Conservation Trust Project Nate Bellinger and ENR Professor, Michael Fakhri

An Alternatives Alternative: The Road to a New Transportation Future, (2013). By ENR Fellow Jessica Bloomfield

Lightning in a Bottle: Using Tax Policy to Solve Renewable Energy's Storage Challenges, 20 J. OF ENVTL. & SUSTAINABILITY L. 71 (2013). By ENR Professor Roberta Mann

Nature's Trust: Environmental Law for a New Ecological Age, Cambridge University Press (2013). By ENR Faculty Director and Professor Mary Christina Wood

Smart Incentives for the Smart Grid, 43 N.M. L. REV. 127 (2013). By ENR Professor Roberta Mann

Greening Together: A Survey of Options and Possibilities for Using Public-Private Partnerships to Support Local Sustainable Efforts, (2013). By ENR Bowerman Fellow, Sustainable Land Use Project, Jason Nelson-Elting.

Energy Efficiency: Paving the Road for a Sustainable Future (2013). By ENR Fellow Elena Domingo

Implementing Regional Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, 42 ENVTL. L. REP. 10346 (2012). By ENR Fellow Lynne Nickol and ENR Professor Richard Hildreth

Bringing Food Back Home, (2012). By ENR Bowman Fellow, Conservation Trust Project, Elizabeth Berg

Beneath the Surface of the Clean Water Act: Exploring the Depth of the Act's Jurisdictional Scope of Groundwater Pollution, 91 OR. L. REV. 495 (2012). By ENR Fellow, Global Environmental Democracy Project, Anna Makowski

Appendix F: White Paper on Urban Homesteading and Model Ordinance, City of Eugene Food Security Scoping and Resource Plan, City of Eugene Planning and Development Department (2010). By the Sustainable Land Use Project



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