EPP Solicitation

Environmental Policy Practicum
Fall 2018

This fall, the University of Oregon School of Law will be offering a new Environmental Policy Practicum course. This course will provide students with the opportunity to work on solutions to real-world policy challenges under faculty supervision. We are currently soliciting project proposals.

The Environmental Policy Practicum will provide students with the opportunity to learn about environmental and energy policy development utilizing both classroom and project-based learning. The project-based work will be a central draw of the course, allowing students to engage with policy professionals, and help develop and support environmental policy positions that are relevant to real-world challenges.

The School of Law is seeking policy-relevant entities to partner with on projects. For example, we would welcome the opportunity to work with:

  • State agencies with an environment or energy mission;
  • Non-profit research or advocacy groups that work on environmental or energy challenges;
  • For-profit entities that are engaged in policy challenges/solutions; and,
  • Other appropriate entities.

Practicum students will undertake 2-3 projects in the fall 2018 semester, and engage as a team to research, develop and recommend solutions to environmental or energy challenges. Students will interview a representative from a partner entity at the beginning of the project, check-in as appropriate while the project is underway and finally provide a researched policy paper or other deliverable in early December 2018.

We request that selected partners provide a short, written evaluation (300-600 words) of the students’ work and work product, covering the quality of the final product, the process of working together over the course of the semester, and expectations for use of the product or research moving forward. This evaluation should be submitted by Friday, December 14th.

Students may undertake a diverse set of activities under these projects – research, data analysis, strategic planning, communications and outreach, legislative drafting and policy development. Students will not, as a part of this class, lobby for or against any legislation, nor will students represent partners in any judicial or administrative proceeding. The students’ paper or other deliverables is not legal advice.

To submit a proposal, please provide information as described below and email it to enr@uoregon.edu by Friday, July 27th. We are seeking a short write-up of the project that will allow us to understand the scope of the work envisioned and the expected deliverables. Click here to download a PDF of this form.



Project Proposal
University of Oregon School of Law
Environmental Policy Practicum
Fall Term 2018

Please provide the following information and return it to enr@uoregon.edu by Friday, July 27, 2018. Please do not exceed 3 pages in length.


Project Proposal

Name of Proposed Project:


Name of Organization Submitting Proposal:


Brief Description of Organization:


Point of Contact:



            Email address:

            Phone number:


Project Description:

(Please describe the objectives of the project along with the specific tasks with which the Environmental Policy Practicum can assist.)


Research Question:

(Please identify the specific research question or questions that students will be expected to answer for the project).


Expected Work-Product and Deliverables:


Anticipated Use of the Project:


How the Project Fits in to the Organization’s Work or Mission: