Harney County and the Sagebrush Rebellion

Past and Present Issues in Federal Land Management

With the Public Law and Policy Program and the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, the ENR Center hosted David Hayes and Amanda Peacher for Harney County and the Sagebrush Rebellion: Past and Present Issues in Federal Land Management on March 16, 2016. Peacher is a former wildlife ranger, and she has masters degrees in literary nonfiction journalism and environmental studies from the University of Oregon. Peacher works for Oregon Public Broadcasting as a multimedia reporter and producer covering Central Oregon. She covered the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and related issues since the occupation began. Peacher presented on the occupation and the perspective of Harney County residents during the incident.David Hayes is a visiting lecturer at Stanford University, and he served as deputy secretary and chief operating officer of the Department of the Interior under President Clinton and President Obama. Hayes addressed the constitutionality of both the occupation and the grievances of the occupiers.