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Sit in on a class.  Take advantage of the opportunity to experience what a class will be like. Get a feel for the classroom dynamics and course material. If you're interested in sitting in on a course, be sure to check with us to ensure you're visiting when courses are in session.

Meet with students.  Students can be great sources for unfiltered opinions about a program. Ask them everything: what they like and don't like, their opinion of or relationship with the faculty, if they’d recommend the program, about their student experience, and about career preparation and outcomes. Remember, to ask them about life outside the program (e.g. cost of living, recreational activities, wonderful eateries).

Talk with faculty.  Learn more about the program and curriculum from their perspective. Do some prep work beforehand, paying attention to the faculty's academic background, research, and experience.

Tour the Knight Law Center or the UO campus.  See for yourself what a beautiful building we're housed in which, in addition to classrooms and offices, includes the Jaqua Law Library, a student lounge, and the Duck Store at the Law School. Or take a tour of the UO campus and explore the opportunities that come with being part of the larger University. Check out academic buildings as well as the Student Rec Center, the Ford Alumni Center, and remember to pick up your Duck gear at The Duck Store. The UO even offers a running tour!

Explore Eugene. Get a peek at what Eugene has to offer beyond campus. Check out the running trails, hikes, delicious restaurants, delightful wineries and breweries, music scene, shopping, theater, and events. Or head 1.5 hours east to explore the mountains or 1.5 hours west to tour the coast.


Schedule a Visit!


Tips for visiting to Eugene.