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LLM Students 2020-2021

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Student Profiles

kother-alhamad LLM Student Class 2021

Kother Alhamad

Home Country: Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Law, Qassim University
Concentration: Business Law

Since graduating with a law degree from Qassim University, Alhamad has worked as a trainee lawyer in two different law firms in her home country, representing and advising clients as well as drafting legal documents. She says that she approaches her work as an opportunity for learning as much as she can. Indeed, Alhamad believes that learning is a lifelong process and plans to ultimately obtain a Ph.D. in commercial law. She is currently pursuing an LL.M. degree to expand her legal knowledge and analytical skills, which will advance her career. Alhamad is also a member of the Saudi Bar Association.


Natalia Stojanowska LLM Student class of 2021

Natalia Stojanowska

Home Country: Gdynia, Poland
Education: Bachelor of Administration, University of Warmia and Mazury; Master of Law, University of Gdansk
Concentration: American Law

As she studies for her LL.M. degree, Stojanowska continues to remotely run her own law office in Poland, which specializes in privacy, personal data protection law, and court enforcement proceedings. Author of many publications concerning ambiguous legal rules and problems of court enforcement proceedings and personal data protection law. She also worked as an attorney at Currenda, LLC in Sopot, Poland, where she provided legal services in civil procedure, business negotiations, and companies’ legal compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). She was drawn to Oregon Law by its choice of degree tracks. Along with acquiring the necessary skills to develop her career in the U.S. legal system, Stojanowska says that earning an LL.M. degree will allow her to be a useful member of her community. She is passionate about traveling and discovering new places and is a certified Karate Kyokushin instructor.


Mousa Abed LLM Student Class 2021

Mousa Abed

Home Country: Madina, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Law, Umm Al-Qura University
Concentration: American Law

After working as a trainee lawyer for three years at Ali Al Ansari Law Office, Abed received his license to be an official lawyer in Saudi Arabia in 2019. He chose Oregon Law because of its national ranking in legal writing and its comprehensive and practical learning environment. Developing the skills and knowledge to succeed in his legal career are the reasons driving his pursuit of an LL.M. degree. After graduating, Abed intends to start a law firm in Saudi Arabia to provide high-quality legal services, eventually developing it into one of the country's leading firms. He also has ambitions to pursue a doctorate in the legal field.


Surender Singh LLM Student Class 2021

Surender Singh

Home Country: Guwahati, India
Education: B.A., B.ED, LL.B from Gauhati University (India)
Concentration: American law

Singh is currently self-employed as a senior tax analyst and account as he studies for his LL.M. degree. He has also worked as a divorce lawyer, from which he expanded his knowledge of family law. Singh chose to pursue an LL.M. degree to enhance his legal knowledge and advance his career. He ultimately plans to pass the bar in Washington State and to work as an attorney. He has a strong desire to educate people on the changes in tax law and to serve his community. Surender plans to start his own tax planning law firm to serve his community in Washington, USA, after completing his LLM Degree. In his spare time, he likes music, singing, and reading books. 


Dalal Alghannam LLM Student Class of 2021

Dalal Alghannam

Home Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Islamic Law, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
Concentration: American Law

Alghannam graduated with first-class honors (4.98/5) from Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University. After graduating, she worked as a teacher in Riyadh, which she says gave her the confidence to address audiences. During post-graduation, Alghannam has also continued taking classes to deepen her knowledge and broaden her jurisprudence perspective in Saudi Arabia. She was motivated to pursue an LL.M degree by Vision 2030, a national strategic framework that includes reforming the judicial system's efficiency in Saudi Arabia. Alghannam plans to use her degree from Oregon Law to have a positive impact in shaping the evolving legal landscape of her country.


Waleed Abdali LLM Student Class of 2021

Waleed Abdali

Home Country: Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Law, University of Tabuk
Concentration: Business Law

After earning his Bachelor of Law degree at the University of Tabuk, Abdali trained as a lawyer at Nabeel Gamloo Law Firm in Saudi Arabia, where he provided legal advice, wrote petitions for appeal, and worked on civil and criminal cases. He was attracted to Oregon Law for its top-ranked programs and reputation for teaching law. While here, Abadali plans to develop his theoretical knowledge and research skills in financial and banking law. He is pursuing an LL.M. degree to be a licensed lawyer in his home county. He plans to establish his own law firm to work with international companies doing business in Saudi Arabia.


Sameer Alzahrani LLM Student Class 0f 2021

Sameer Alzahrani

Home Country: Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Law from Umm Al-Qura Univ.
Concentration: Business Law

As a boy, Alzahrani witnessed first-hand the suffering of people who came to his father's law office seeking justice. This, along with the injustices he saw women endure, motivated him to choose law as his profession. While studying for his bachelor degree., Alzahrani volunteered to help people better understand the jurisdictions of their legal cases. The option to study for two years and the quality of the faculty attracted him to Oregon Law. His goal in earning an LL.M. degree is to help people navigate the existing legal system and change that system for the better. In addition to reading diverse law cases in his free time, Alzahrani also enjoys making new friends from various cultures.  



Yasminyan Alruwaili

Home Country: Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Al-Jouf University
Concentration: Business Law

While studying for a law degree at Al-Jouf University, Alruwaili also had three children. Caring for her family while earning her degree was extremely difficult, but she says the experience developed her ability to face pressure and persevere. After graduating, Alruwaili interned at a law firm, working on commercial and criminal cases. She has also volunteered to assist women in the community with their court cases and university students needing legal advice. One of her most memorable experiences was helping an older man out of prison after being defrauded and seeing the happiness this brought to his family. Alruwaili was attracted to the LL.M. program at Oregon Law because of its academic reputation and extensive course offerings. After graduating, Alruwaili plans to work in an international company or a prestigious university.


Tomik Vobah, LLM Student, Class 2020

Tomik  Vobah 

Home Country: Monrovia, Liberia 
Education: LLB in General Law, Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia; BBA in Accounting, University of Liberia 
Concentration: Conflict and Dispute Resolution 

Vobah is currently serving as a General Counsel of Liberia’s Ministry of Health. In this role, Vobah supervises and conducts mediation, negotiations, policy review, legal counsel, law review and reform, and litigation, among other things. He believes that the LLM’s Conflict and Dispute Concentration will provide him the opportunity to acquire specialist skills in alternative methods of resolving disputes outside of litigation. He apirses to become a faculty member at the Kofi Annan School of Conflict Transformation at the University of Liberia, where he plans to share new pedagogical methods with instructors. ​​​​


Saad Alabdullah, LLM Student, Class 2020

Saad Alabdullah 

Home Country: Abha, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, King Khalid University, College of Business 
Concentration: Business Law 

Prior to coming to Oregon Law, Alabdullah worked on civil, commercial, and labor cases for the Aljazeera Paintings Co. in Abha City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a Legal Coordinator, he did everything from reviewing judicial procedures to drafting and reviewing contracts. He chose Oregon Law LLM Program because of its reputation, ranking, and faculty. Alabdullah hopes to expand his knowledge and experiences by interacting with professors and international students from different countries. With Alabdullah, family comes first, and in his free time, he loves reading, walking, and watching sports games with his friends. 


khalid Alanazi, LLM Student, Class 2020

Khalid Alanazi 

Home Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, King Saud University 
Concentration: Business Law 

Alanazi is interested in business law – specifically bankruptcy law. After the LLM Program, he hopes to return to his country to contribute to significant business law changes in the Kingdom. Before joining Oregon Law, Alanazi worked as an associate in a law firm. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he volunteered in the Students Law Club at King Saud University College of Law and Political Science and served on the Student Advisory Council. 


Mary Morrison, LLM Student, Class 2020

Mary Muthoni Morrison

Home Country: Nairobi, Kenya 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, University of Nairobi, Admission to the Bar (Kenya),  
Concentration: Environmental Natural Resources Law

Before joining the LLM Program at Oregon Law, Morrison is a Kenyan attorney well versed in environmental and wildlife matters. Morrison served as a Legal Manager in a Not-for-profit company in Nairobi, Kenya. In this position, she managed a program that monitors wildlife and environmental crimes in Kenya. Her work ranged from research and advocacy of environmental and wildlife law (both international and local), assistance in investigating wildlife trophies seizures, and developing and managing the environmental justice dockets, among other duties. Mary also works to conserve green spaces and the effective inclusion of women in protecting biodiversity. Morrison is excited to join the law school’s Environmental Natural Resources Law Center – which she believes will heavily impact her career. Morrison received her Bachelor of Laws, with honors, from the University of Nairobi.


abdulkarim alansari, LLM Student, Class 2020

Abdulkarim Alansari

Home Country: Makkah, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Umm Al-Qura University 
Concentration: American Law 

Alansari worked at Al Rayyan Company (Al Safwa Hotel) in the Department of General Management, Quality, and Development. Prior to joining Oregon Law, he also worked as a trainee lawyer at Fahad Alansari Law Firm, Attorneys & Legal Advisors. He selected Oregon Law because of its strengths in business and environmental law. Alansari's ultimate goal is to play a significant role in developing environmental and investment laws in the tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with Vision 2030. 


Jaesung Lee, LLM Student, Class 2020

Jaesung Lee

Home Country: Cheongju-si, South Korea 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Kyung Hee University in Seoul; American English Institute's intensive English, University of Oregon. 
Concentration: Environmental Law 

Prior to coming to Oregon Law, Lee interned at Sang-Seoung Legal Corporation in Cheongju, South Korea. As an intern, he assisted the attorneys in managing trail dates, documents, and records, as well as in case briefing, legal writing, and performing legal research. Lee also studied English at the UO's American English Institute. He says that these experiences helped inspire him to pursue his LLM degree at UO. Lee was attracted to the environmental law track at Oregon Law because it is one of the United States' best LLM programs.


Saad Albu Sayf, LLM Student, Class 2020

Saad Albu Sayf

Home Country: Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws (with honors), Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University 
Concentration: Business Law

Albu Sayf has a passion for helping people. Through the law, he hopes to ensure that social justice is upheld, and that law provides meaningful results to people in need of legal assistance. Before coming to the law school, he worked on commercial cases at Bakheet Al-Daraa Law Office, one of the oldest Saudi Arabia firms and one of Saudi Aramco's legal department founders. Through the LLM Program, he hopes to return to his country with strong legal knowledge. Albu Sayf is excited about the tremendous change in Saudi laws and culture in the last few years since the launch of Saudi Vision 2030. Albu Sayf plans to start his law firm when he goes back to Saudi Arabia.


Khalid Alradddadi, LLM Student, Class 2020

Khalid Alraddadi 

Home Country: Madina, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, King Abdulaziz University 
Concentration: Business Law 

Prior to joining the LLM program, Alraddadi was an employee at Alrajhi Bank in Madina, Saudi Arabia. He had multiple duties that included working on anti-money laundering cases and making sure that bank transactions comply with the financial regulations made by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA). He chose Oregon Law because of its ranking, the ability to complete the LLM program in two years, and its faculty. While in the program, he seeks to expand his knowledge in the areas of business and investment laws and positions himself for more career opportunities. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, running, and basketball. 


Leena Alolayan, LLM Student, Class 2020

Leena Alolayan   

Home Country: Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Qassim University 
Concentration: Business Law 

After graduating with honors from Qassim University, Alolayan worked as a legal intern at two law firms in Saudi Arabia. She has experience drafting legal documents such as contracts and lawsuits memorandums. Alolayan currently works as a volunteer with the Saudi Student Association at the University of Oregon and a non-profit organization called Saudis in the USA, to help students in every aspect of their lives. She enjoys hiking, outdoor activities, travel, photography, and listening to music. 


Omar Alharbi. LLM Student, Class 2020

Omar  Alharbi  

Home Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws with honors, Shaqra University 
Concentration: American Law 

After graduating with honors from Shaqra University, Alharbi worked as a trainee lawyer at Al Hussain and Al Qarawi Law Firm. After looking at several LLM Programs, Alharbi found that Oregon Law's courses best fit his goals to become a better lawyer and pursue future career opportunities. In his free time, Alharbi enjoys playing soccer and football and has even represented his alma mater in tournaments.


Gheith aljawi, LLM Student, Class 2020

Gheith Aljawi  

Home Country: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah 
Concentration: Business Law

Before joining Oregon Law, Aljawi worked as a legal assistant at both SJK law firm and The International Legal Center Law Firm in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Throughout his undergraduate studies at King Abdulaziz University, he worked as a trainee student at The Bandar Khalid Mufti Law Firm. He chose Oregon Law because it offers both theoretical and practical legal education.  Aljawi hopes to start a law firm in Saudi Arabia that specializes in business law. His goal is to work with global and international companies doing business in the Middle East and become an expert in the field. 



Yara Almajed  

Home Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, King Saud University 
Concentration: Business Law 

Prior to attending Oregon Law, Almajed worked as a training lawyer in law firm. She hopes to become more knowledgeable and to make better life for her and her family from the LLM Program. Her dream is start up her law firm in Saudi Arabia, where she can offer opportunities for female Saudi Lawyers.


Mohammed Alshaiban, LLM Student, Class 2020

Mohammed Alshaiban  

Home Country: Abha City, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, King Khalid University 
Concentration: Business Law 

After graduating with honors from King Khalid University, Alshaiban received a sponsorship from the Saudi Arabian government to study at Oregon Law's LLM Program. When he returns home, he will work as a legal advisor for the government. During his time at the law school, Alshaiban hopes to gain additional analytical and problem-solving skills and learn in an environment that allows him to grow academically and professionally. In addition to professional development, Alshaiban looks forward to interacting with students of different cultural backgrounds in his cohort. Alshaiban enjoys spending time with his family, reading, cooking, and playing soccer in his spare time.


ahmad alsrhani, LLM Student, Class 2020

Ahmad  Alsrhani 

Home Country: Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor in Islamic law, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic university 
Concentration: Business Law

Alsrhani is a trained lawyer in a law firm in Saudi Arabia and a teacher of Islamic law. After graduating with honors, Ahmad worked as a pro bono lawyer on many legal cases, where he helped under-served communities receive free legal services. He chose Oregon Law's LLM Program because of its excellent reputation and its ranking. In his free time, he writes articles and short stories.


Lama Alzahrani, LLM Student, Class 2020

Lama Alzahrani  

Home Country: Alriyadh, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, King Abdulaziz University 
Concentration: Business Law 

After graduating with honors from King Abdulaziz University, Alzahrani practiced law in several law firms and gained experience in litigation. Besides providing legal advice to her clients, Alzahrani represented them before Saudi Courts, where she argued and won numerous cases. 

Alzahrani chose Oregon Law LLM Program because of its reputation, ranking, and faculty. Alzahrani wants to be an expert in business law. She aspires to positively influence Saudi society, especially with Vision 2030 and the empowerment of Saudi women.


Alyaa Alshareef. LLM Student, Class 2020

Alyaa Seraj Alzaid Alshareef 

Home Country: Makkah, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Umm Al-Qura University 
Concentration: Business Law

Alzaid Alshareef is following in the steps of her father, who is a lawyer. She has reviewed and edited his books, which focused on Civil Procedure Rules in the KSA. Those experiences helped increase her understanding and fueled her passion for law. Alzaid Alshareef specifically chose Oregon Law because of its ranking in legal research and writing, faculty, and the local community. She hopes to complete her degree and position herself for new career opportunities and work in a job that benefits her country.


Amjad Bin Assaf, LLM Class 2020 Student​​​​​

Amjad bin Assaf 

Home Country: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  
Education: Bachelor of Laws in Faculty of Law, King Abdulaziz University in Jedda 
Concentration: Business Law

Bin Assaf is a trained lawyer in her home country. After graduating from King Abdulaziz University (Jeddah), she practiced law for two years and gained experience in litigation. Bin Assaf says that her experience practicing law in Saudi Arabia prepared her well for the LLM Program. She hopes to gain a broader understanding of American business law and obtain the legal knowledge that would enable her to advise international companies doing business in Saudi Arabia. Bin Assaf is excited to learn about other cultures during her time in the United States. 


Rotaliah LLM Student Class of 2020

Rotailah  Bamanie

Home Country: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws in Faculty of Law, King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah 

Bamanie is a trained lawyer in her home country of Saudi Arabia. She practiced law for two years before joining the LLM Program. Through her previous experiences and this program, Bamanie looks forward to improving her legal skills. She is excited about the opportunity to learn and get a broader understanding of the law in the United States.