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Student Profiles

Melemaikalani Moniz LLM 2021

Melemaikalani Moniz 

Home Country: Hawaiʻi 
Education: JD, Catholic University Columbus School of Law
Concentration: Environmental & Natural Resources Law


Melemaikalani Ariana Moniz is a Kanaka ‘Ōiwi whose family lines come from Moku o Keawe, Nā Hono A‘o Pi‘ilani, and Moloka‘i nui a Hina.  Mele received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Marist College and her law degree at the Catholic University Columbus School of Law. In law school, she volunteered for the Honorable Edward H. Kubo Jr. in the First Circuit Court of the Hawai'i State Judiciary. She externed at the Legal Aid Society of Hawai'i as well as the Hawai'i Immigrant Justice Center. She also received a fellowship at the Freedom Forum (formerly called the First Amendment Center), where she published articles regarding the free speech of government employees and the First Amendment rights of native peoples.  After law school, Mele worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Joseph E. Cardoza and the Honorable Kelsey T. Kawano in the Second Circuit Court of the Hawai'i State Judiciary and as a legislative aide to Senator Laura Clint Acasio. Mele is pursuing an LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law to gain the information necessary to protect the people and 'āina of Hawai'i.


Natalie Smith LLM 2021

Natalie Smith

Home Country: California, USA
Education: JD, University of Oregon School of Law
Concentration: Business Law


Natalie received a Bachelor of Arts from Willamette University (2018) and a Juris Doctor from the University of Oregon School of Law (2021). Natalie is currently a Law Clerk at Ferguson Case Orr LLP in Ventura, California, and previously clerked for Mr. John Hudson in Eugene, Oregon. 

During her time at the University of Oregon School of Law, Natalie completed pro bono work for the Wills for the Underserved program. This program connects law students with local attorneys to provide estate planning services for individuals in Lane County who cannot otherwise afford an attorney. This program sparked Natalie's passion for estate planning and business law. After participating in the program as a student, Natalie became a Fellow for the program and helped double its size so that more individuals in the county could receive the services they needed.

Natalie chose Oregon Law because "the professors are amazing and caring individuals who want you to succeed." Natalie is pursuing an LLM degree because she wants to deepen her knowledge and expertise in business law and estate planning. 

Natalie is an only child with two fabulous parents -- Bill and Rose -- who have supported her every step of the way! She has a lovely little dog, Max, with who she takes lots of hikes with. Natalie enjoys reading for pleasure and taking care of her growing plant collection.


ziyad alahdal LLM 2021

Ziyad Alahdal

Home Country: Madina, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Law, Umm Al-Qura University
Concentration: American Law


Ziyad received a Bachelor of Law from Umm Al Qura University graduated with the first honor. Ziyad practiced law in many law firms in Saudi Arabia as well as at the legal department of a PE company in Saudi Arabia. Ziyad is expertise in commercial negotiations and transactions. Ziyad also wants to gain practical experience while he is in the LLM program.

Ziyad chose Oregon Law because he wants to learn more about American business and transactional law. Ziyad is passionate about debates. During his undergraduate studies, Ziyad competed in multiple debates competitions, where he placed first.


Najla Aljohani LLM 2021

Najla Aljohani

Home Country: Al Madina, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Law, Taibah University 
Concentration: American law

Najla received a Bachelor of Law from Taibah University (2018) and working on my Master of Laws (LLM) in American Law.

In 2017, Najla represented her school in a research competition held in Saudi Arabia. Najla's research was on the legal responsibility of a single-person company in the Saudi Companies Law.

During her undergraduate studies, Najla joined many students' clubs and organizations, which she believes help develop students' knowledge and involvement in the legal community. Najla is skilled in legal research and has a passion for volunteering and leadership.

After completing her LLM degree, Najla wants to work as an in-house counsel or practice law at an international law firm.


Lujain 2021 LLM Student

Lujain Alsaddah

Home Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Islamic Law, Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
Concentration: American Law

Lujain received a Bachelor of Law with honor from Princess Norah University (2016). Lujain worked in AlDabbagh Group Holding Company in their Legal department. During her job, she worked in import and export contracts, leasing contracts, and employment contracts. She also advised clients in commercial law, labor law, and criminal law cases. Lujain wrote a research paper about Juveniles between punishment and rehabilitation.
Lujain believes that life is a big journey, and she is trying to learn and joy her trip. Lujain is originally from Jeddah, a city on the Red Sea coast; she moved to Riyadh, a city in the heart of the Arabian desert, to study law. After living most of her life on the beach and the desert, Lujain moved to a frosting snowy city, The Windy Chicago, to study English. Finally, she came to the duck city Eugene to look for her LLM program.

Lujain's father, Hesham Alsaddah, taught her how to be a marvelous traveler and enjoy her life adventures. How to take learning and discovering seriously but cheerfully at the same time. Meanwhile, her wonderful mother, Wafa, taught her always to have faith in her heart, to be strong yet kind and humble. Lujain is grateful for God's giving her lovely parents, brothers, and sisters.



Surse Pierpoint

Home Country: Panama City, Panama 
Education: Graduate Diploma in Law, The University of Law, England
Concentration: American Law



Albara Albenayah LLM Student 2021

Albara Albenayah

Home Country: Madina, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Islamic Law from the Islamic University in Medina
Concentration: American Law


Albara received a Bachelor of Islamic Law from the Islamic University in Medina in Saudi Arabia. Albara's goal in pursuing LLM is to learn about American commercial law. Albara hopes to return to Saudi Arabia after completing his LLM degree to practice law at an international law firm. Albara chose Oregon Law to pursue his LLM studies because "it is one of the best universities in America in legal writing."

Albara loves community service and sports.



Abdullah Alameel

Home Country: Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Al-Jouf University
Concentration: Business Law



Bassam Albenayah LLM Student 2021

Bassam Albenayah 

Home Country: Madina, Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor of Islamic Law from the Islamic University in Medina 
Concentration: American Law


Bassam received a Bachelor of Islamic Law from the Islamic University in Medina in Saudi Arabia. Bassam is pursuing LLM is to learn about American business law. Bassam's dream is to return to Saudi Arabia after completing his LLM degree to practice law at an international law firm.

In Saudi Arabia, Bassam worked at many law firms, where he practiced business and civil law.

Bassam loves swimming, soccer, and jogging.



Abdullah Althobaiti LLM 2021

Abdullah Althobaiti 

Home Country: Al Taif, Saudi Arabia 
Education: Bachelor of Laws, Al Taif University 
Concentration: American Law 


Abdullah received a Bachelor of law from Taif University in Saudi Arabia. Abdullah worked as a trainee lawyer at a law firm in Saudi Arabia, where he practiced several areas of law.

Abdullah chose the LLM program at Oregon Law because it enabled him to complete his studies in more than 2 semesters. Abdullah believes that two semesters are only enough time for him to learn about the American legal system.