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business woman sitting at a conference table
January 7
Law360: The story features research by Associate Professor Elizabeth Tippett.
Harvey Weinstein
January 5
Wall Street Journal: UO law professor Liz Tippett provides expert commentary. 
Prescription drug bottles
January 3
The Conversation: UO law professor Liz Tippett co-writes a piece for The Conversation.
color prescription pills spilled on table
January 2
The Verge: Associate Professor Elizabeth Tippett provides expert commentary.
outside of knight law center
December 23
As we take a look back at 2019, we’re highlighting the top stories published by Oregon Law and Around the O.
student protesters with "there is no planet b" signs
December 16
Professor Mary Wood’s new research focuses on developing three interlocking efforts that will work together to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere.
Professor Caroline Forell at lecture podium
December 11
Over the last 41 years, Professor Caroline Forell has taught Legal Research and Writing, Torts, Trust and Estates, Future Interests, Animal Law, and Women and the Law.
John Bonine in front of COP25 sign
December 10
John Bonine, Oregon Law’s B.B. Kliks Professor of Law, is participating in international climate law negotiations at the 2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
gavel resting on table in a courtroom
December 6
Students from the University of Oregon School of Law attended the annual “The Art of the Possible” conference hosted at the Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse in Eugene.
Women working in a field.
November 26
Associate Professor Michael Fakhri's research on food and climate change is highlighted.