Eviction Prevention Mediation Demonstration

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 Increased housing stability through no-cost, culturally-responsive mediation services in 13 Oregon counties

(November 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023)

Funded by the Oregon Legislature, the Eviction Prevention Mediation Demonstration affirmed that housing stability mediation services are an effective community tool that resolves disputes, prevents evictions from being filed, diverts evictions out of the court system, saves millions in downstream costs, improves relationships, and keeps people housed. 

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Counties Served

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Community Responses

"Without [the mediators’] extra effort, that you were not required to do, it is very possible that my 13-year-old child and I may have lost the apartment." — Renter

“I appreciate the mediators very much. Everyone is kind and respectful. More mediators please.” — Housing Provider

“The hard work of the mediators has helped connect parties to services, enabled tenants to remain in their homes, and gotten landlords paid.” — Court Staff

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Eviction Diversion Case Study: Supporting School Success

A court date was set for a mother and her son to be evicted from a mobile home park. Days before the scheduled court date, the parties agreed to explore options in mediation. After learning of the negative impacts of eviction, the family and the housing provider agreed to allow the renter to stay in the home until her son graduated from school or located alternate housing, to waive all past rent due, and to aid in listing the home for sale. Mediation services helped divert eviction, stabilize the family's housing, and arrange a transition plan that supported the student's school success.

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Eviction Prevention Case Study: Grateful Housing Provider Removes Pending Fees

Growing fees and ongoing miscommunication had soured the renter's relationship with their housing provider. Hoping to prevent further escalation, the renter sought guidance from a Resolution Center. The renter worked with a mediator to clarify issues and identify productive communication strategies. Armed with new skills, the renter had a productive meeting with the housing provider, who agreed to waive pending late and legal fees. Afterwards, the housing provider shared that the renter is in good standing and that they are grateful for the support they received to improve the ongoing relationship.
Families enjoying a meal together
Eviction Prevention Case Study: Renters Resolve Dispute and Repair Relationship
A negative relationship that developed between two neighbors disrupted the well-being of the entire apartment building. Both families were facing eviction by their housing provider if they couldn't find a way to get along. The parties entered the mediation room with obvious tensions and hostility toward each other. After an hour of sharing the hardships they each were experiencing, the renters shared tears and hugs. The mediator helped the parties set an agreement designed to strengthen communication moving forward. The renters scheduled a barbecue so that the kids could see the adults getting along again. 

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