Intellectual Property Law Concentration

As the Internet, “social sharing,” and other technological advancements continue to affect copyright law and trademarking, intellectual property law has increasing importance in our society. The Intellectual Property Concentration gives you a practice- and skills-based curriculum through which you can learn about contemporary issues surrounding patent, copyright, and trademark law, as well as how these issues impact certain industries. A concentration in this area will distinguish you as having an in-depth education in one of the legal industry's most dynamic fields.


Group A Courses – Must satisfactorily complete the following:

  • LAW 667 Copyrights
  • LAW 673 Patent Law & Policy
  • LAW 698 Trademark Law


While not required, it is helpful to have taken the foundational courses (Copyrights, Patent and Trademark) prior to taking elective courses such as the Intellectual Property Law Seminar. These elective courses assume a fundamental level of knowledge about intellectual property law. 

Group B Courses – Must satisfactorily complete 2 courses:

  • LAW 699 Antitrust Law
  • LAW 744 Art Law
  • LAW 674 Intellectual Property Licensing
  • LAW 696 Sports Licensing

Group C Courses – Must satisfactorily complete 1 course:

  • LAW 664 Administrative Law
  • LAW 648 Bankruptcy
  • LAW 646 Federal Jurisdiction
  • LAW 642 or LAW 671 International Business Transactions or International Law
  • LAW 661 Remedies

In addition to completing the curriculum referenced above, you must write a high quality professional academic research paper on the topic of intellectual property law. You must receive advance approval of your topic.