Tax Law Concentration

Oregon Law allows you to obtain a Tax Law Concentration in addition to pursuing your degree or chosen program. This skills-based curriculum provides you with a thorough comprehension of tax law as it relates to business, property, and other areas. Giving you the professional advantage you need to confidently enter the workforce practice-ready. Upon completing this program, you will understand how tax law impacts industries and individuals and will be able to effectively apply your knowledge of tax policy to a variety of situations.


Group A Courses – Must satisfactorily complete the following courses:

  • LAW 680 Federal Income Tax I
  • LAW 681 Federal Income Tax II
  • LAW 630 Tax Policy

Group B Courses – Must satisfactorily complete three (3) of the following courses:

  • LAW 627 Accounting for Lawyers
  • LAW 633 Business Planning
  • LAW 683 Estate Planning
  • LAW 628 Nonprofit Organizations
  • LAW 610 Sustainable Business

In addition to completing the curriculum referenced above, you must write a high quality professional academic research paper on a topic of the law of taxation. You must receive advance approval of your topic.