School of Law Learning Outcomes

The University of Oregon School of Law expects that our graduates should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and ability necessary to practice substantive and procedural law and to understand the dynamic processes through which law is created, developed, and changed.

  2. Employ sound and articulate legal reasoning to identify, research, and analyze legal problems.

  3. Engage in and appreciate the importance of their professional and ethical responsibilities towards clients, the local community, our nation, and the world.

  4. Communicate effectively with clients, decision makers, and other relevant stakeholders.

  5. Recognize the responsibility of lawyers to serve as informed and professional leaders.

  6. Understand and appreciate diversity, equity, and inclusion as components of their personal and professional success.

  7. Appreciate the critical role that lawyers play in ensuring meaningful access to the legal system, promoting the just application of its laws, and serving their clients and the community.

  8. Understand the interrelationship between the creation, development, reform, and practice of law, the natural and social sciences, the humanities, and the arts.