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Our conflict and dispute resolution (CRES) students have delivered thousands of hours of valuable service to public, private, non- and for-profit organizations, small and large. We’d love to partner with you to provide support to your organization and a transformational experience for our students. 

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The basics of our program: 

  • Internships are required  
  • Students must complete a minimum of 320 internship hours (eight credits)  
  • Students are required to complete a minimum of two credits at each internship site 
    • (Many choose to complete all eight credits with a single internship site.)  
  • Internships should be mutually beneficial to the student and organization 
  • Students work with their onsite supervisors to create SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals 
  • Onsite supervisors oversee the interns’ work, mentor the students, evaluate the students’ performance, and approve the students’ time logs 
  • Students must blog about their internships  
    • (Blogs can be private or publicly visible based on the comfort of the student and organization.) 

Our curriculum includes skills in mediation, negotiation, cross-cultural dynamics, research, organizational conflict, environmental and public policy work, family dynamics, international competencies, facilitation, dialogue, and more. 

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Need more information? Contact Hilary Vos, CRES Career and Internship Counselor, or John Inglish, CRES Program Director. 

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Still not sure if hosting a CRES intern is right for you? Don't take it from us, take from internship host organizations

“I've now had two interns from the Oregon program. I found both of them to be appropriately professional, interested in taking on new projects, and committed to making a contribution to our organization. I look forward to the opportunity to continuing to partner with Oregon to develop these fine students.”  
- Higher Education Institution 
“Thank you, CRES, for assisting students in gaining meaningful real-life experience in an organizational setting!” 

– Oregon Office of Community Dispute Resolution 
“At first, I hesitated to host an intern, because they and other kinds of volunteers can sometimes require more time and attention than they contribute to an office, and my one-person office is already short-handed. Luckily, I didn’t need to worry.”
- Northwest Youth Corps 
“No doubt they learned a great deal, not only about diplomatic history and the State Department, but also about the intricacies of putting together podcasts that are enjoyable and informative to hear. We, in turn, learned that the University of Oregon offers excellent interns. Many thanks.”  

- Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training 
“The University of Oregon's Conflict and Resolution Dispute program provided our small non-profit with a highly qualified and eager intern to help build our governing and operational structure, while also supporting the formation of our newly revised board of directors. The ability for the UO to provide talent to capacity challenged organizations is a real asset to our local community and the work our non-profit does internationally. Keep up the good work!” 
- Council for Responsible Sport