Out of the Shadows

Implicit Bias, Institutional Responses

April 15, 2016

8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Knight Law Center

1221 Agate Street

Eugene, OR, 97403


Join us for an Implicit Bias Symposium called "Out of the Shadows: Implicit Bias, Institutional Responses." We are bringing in a slate of amazing guest speakers for the event:

  • Professor Erik Girvan from the University of Oregon researches implicit bias and its interaction with the law - including its impact of jury selection, sentencing, and other discretionary trial decisions. 
  • Professor Eugene Borgida from the University of Minnesota researches social cognition, attitudes, and persuasion in psychology and the law.
  • Professor Michael Z. Green, from Texas A&M, focuses his research on racial bias in workplace disputes – including labor negotiations and employment discrimination cases.
  • Professor Brian Nosek is the internationally renowned co-founder of Project Implicit, which examines the impact of implicit cognition on our thoughts and actions.

We are developing a full-day of interesting debates, trainings, and workshops, such as:

  • Basic Implicit Bias Training. A basic implicit bias training – intended to teach the audience about the unconscious responses we all have.   
  • Science of Intervention. This training will show you what to do once you’ve recognized that you’re having an implicitly biased response.
  • Advanced Implicit Bias Breakout Session. This session will challenge attendees with a series of scenarios meant to engage what they have learned about intervention and implicit bias.
  • Institutional Implicit Bias Workshop. The Institutional Implicit Bias workshop will bring together members of a variety of institutions so we can work together and create plans to dispel implicit bias in our institutions. 
  • Evening Lecture. Professor Michael Z. Green from Texas A&M will present the evening lecture. Open to the public!
  • Public Reception. Symposium attendees and members of the community are welcome to join our public reception!

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