Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does the Committee expect to award during this year’s grant cycle?

The Committee expects to award around $300,000 for the 2023-2024 grant cycle.

How do I know if my project relates to consumer protection?

Please review the “Request for Proposals” document, which includes a lengthy discussion of the type of research that qualifies.  In general, consumer protection means, “Consumer protection means the practice of safeguarding the public against unfair, deceptive, or predatory practices in the marketplace.” 

Does my research need to relate to the law to qualify for funding?

No.  The committee is open to a wide variety of disciplinary inquiries and methodological approaches, including but not limited to interdisciplinary, social-psychological, critical cultural, legal, and other qualitative or quantitative methods. 

What is the deadline for submitting my proposal?

The final deadline is March 1, 2023.  However, we recommend that you submit your proposal two weeks in advance so your proposal can be reviewed by the Program Administrator for compliance with the grant requirements in case any further changes are needed.

When will I hear back on whether my proposal will be funded?

April 2023.

I am a student, can I apply for a grant?

Yes, both graduate and undergraduate students may apply, provided they are enrolled during the period in which you receive the grant funding.  Please include the name of your faculty advisor in your grant proposal.  You should also inform your advisor that they will be listed as the nominal principal investigator within the SPS system, even though you will be the recipient of any successful grant funding.

I am a faculty member, can I apply for a grant?

Yes, provided your appointment continues during the period in which you receive the grant funding.

When does the funding period begin?

The beginning of the Summer term 2023.

Can I submit a proposal for research projects exceeding 12 months in duration?

The length of a typical project is 12 months, although longer term projects can be considered by the Committee.

Will there be another round of grant funding next academic year?


How much funding can I request?

Although the Committee has considerable flexibility with respect to the size of the award, it closely scrutinizes funding requests according to the scope of the project, the size of the research team, and the duration of the research.   Past awards for individual faculty for a 12-month grant have generally been in the $20,000 - $25,000 range, although smaller and larger awards have been made. 

Can the grant money be used for GE (graduate employee) funding?

Faculty can include funding for graduate students in their proposals, including student wages and partial GE funding.  However, the faculty member’s department (or other grant funding) must cover tuition remission and the balance of the GE related costs.  Students cannot apply for GE funding on their own behalf.

I am a student, can I apply for grant money to cover my living expenses during the grant period?

Students can apply for a summer stipend in connection with their research, in addition to research costs.  Undergraduates may apply for a summer stipend of up to $6,000, with $3,000 to be awarded at the start of the summer and $3,000 to be awarded upon submission of the final report.  Graduate students may apply for a summer stipend of up to $8,000, with $4,000 to be awarded at the start of the summer and $4,000 to be awarded upon the submission of the final report.

I am a student, and I will be graduating at the end of Spring 2023.  Can I apply for post-graduate funding?

No, unless you already have an appointment as a post-graduate scholar through your department.

Can I apply for funding outside of the Request for Proposals process and timeline?

Not at this time.

I submitted a proposal last year.  May I submit a proposal again this year?


Where can I find the Request for Proposals document?


How do I submit my proposal?

Please follow the instructions in the Request for Proposals document.  The submission link is -

When is the info session?

The following info sessions are available:

Wednesday, February 1, at 12:30 pm in the Law School Building, Room 281 and at (primarily for students, but faculty may attend).

Monday, February 6, at 12:30pm in the Law School Building, Room 242 and at (primarily for faculty, but students may attend).

Monday, February 13, at 12:30 PM in the Law School Building, Room 281 and at (primarily for students, but faculty may attend).

I have other questions.  Who should I contact?

Debra Thurman can answer basic questions about the grant process.  Questions about the grant committee or program more broadly can be addressed to Committee Chair Liz Tippett at  If you’re not sure who to contact, you can also email