Stuart Chinn

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  • Title: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Professor and James O. and Alfred T. Goodwin Senior Fellow
  • Phone: 541-346-5797
  • Office: 330C Knight Law Center
  • Departments: Law, Law-JD
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Academic Interests

 Constitutional Law and Theory, Legislation, Legal and Political History


Stuart Chinn is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and is Professor and James O. and Alfred T. Goodwin Senior Fellow. He writes and teaches about constitutional law, legislation, and legal and political history. His book, RECALIBRATING REFORM: THE LIMITS OF POLITICAL CHANGE was published by Cambridge University Press in 2014. Additionally, Stuart has published in peer-reviewed venues such as the University of Chicago Press, Law & Social Inquiry, and Polity, and has published (or has articles forthcoming) in law reviews such as the Houston Law Review, Maryland Law ReviewUtah Law ReviewWisconsin Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, and others.

Prior to arriving at Oregon Law, Stuart was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Texas School of Law. A native of Eureka, California, Stuart received his B.A., Ph.D. (political science) and J.D. degrees from Yale University.

Select Scholarly Work

RECALIBRATING REFORM: THE LIMITS OF POLITICAL CHANGE (Cambridge University Press, 2014) (included in the book series Cambridge Historical Studies in American Law and Society)

"Procedural Integrity and Partisan Gerrymandering," 58 HOUSTON LAW REVIEW 597 (2021)

"Justifying Judicial Modesty," WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW (forthcoming, 2020) (symposium)

"The Meaning of Judicial Impartiality: An Examination of Supreme Court Confirmation Debates and Supreme Court Rulings on Racial Equality,” 2019 UTAH LAW REVIEW 915

"Free Speech Controversies and Consequences on Campus,” 54 TULSA LAW REVIEW 225 (2019) (book review essay) 

"Political Parties and Constitutional Fidelity," 102 MARQUETTE LAW REVIEW 387 (2018)

"Disagreement and Resentment in Contemporary American Politics," 53 TULSA LAW REVIEW 219 (2018) (book review essay)   

"Threats to Democratic Stability: Comparing the Elections of 2016 and 1860,” 77 MARYLAND LAW REVIEW 291 (2017) (symposium)

"Trump and Chinese Exclusion: Contemporary Parallels with Legislative Debates over the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882," 84 TENNESSEE LAW REVIEW 681 (2017) (symposium)

"Finding Common Ground Across Race and Religion: Judicial Conceptions of Political Community in Public Schools,'"2017 UTAH LAW REVIEW 531

"Universal Arguments and Particular Arguments on Abortion Rights," 75 MARYLAND LAW REVIEW 247 (2015) (symposium)

"Situating ‘Groups’ in Constitutional Argument: Interrogating Judicial Arguments on Economic Rights, Gender Equality, and Gay Equality," 18 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 95 (2015)

"The Ideology Behind Brown v. Board of Education: Political Parties and 'Jurisprudential Bundling,''' 92 DENVER UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 45 (2015)

Full Listing of Scholarly Works at SSRN