Stuart Chinn named the 2022 Orlando John Hollis Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award recipient

stuart chinn

June 02, 2022. Eugene, Oregon

Oregon Law Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor Stuart Chinn, was recently named as the 2022 Orlando John Hollis Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award Recipient.

Associate Dean Chinn hails from Eureka, California and received his BA, PhD (political science) and JD degrees from Yale University. He is an expert in constitutional law, constitutional legislation, and legal and political history. Given his background in political science and law, Associate Dean Chinn is interested in historical questions about politics, identity, race, gender, American political community, and judicial conceptions of community in the context of public education cases.

Associate Dean Chinn’s written pieces have been published in peer-reviewed venues such as the University of Chicago Press, Law & Social Inquiry, and Polity. He also has published or has articles forthcoming, in law reviews such as the Houston Law Review, Maryland Law Review, Utah Law Review, Wisconsin Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, and others. His book, Recalibrating Reform: The Limits of Political Change was published by Cambridge University Press in 2014.

Associate Dean Chinn’s work with students has been notable; one colleague stated, “He obviously cares for his student’s learning, being both probing and respectful.”

In the same way, his students praise his dedication to inclusivity and his ability to facilitate challenging conversations. A student remarked, “The controversial nature of Constitutional Law brings out a lot of opinions and strong beliefs; Professor Chinn is a fantastic moderator. He balances gratitude for sharing with an honest response based in facts and reality.”