CRES: Faculty and Staff Profiles

The strength of the Conflict and Dispute Resolution program (CRES) derives from the blend of our students, the program structure, the resources of the law school and the university as a whole, and our faculty.

Our faculty are united in their enthusiasm for the principles and values underlying the field of conflict resolution and are dedicated to engaging our students in both its theory and its practical applications.


Diane Baxter, Pro Tem Instructor, Senior Lecturer & Head Undergraduate Advisor in Anthropology (1996-2019), Middle East Studies Director, (2012-2019) and Participating Faculty of Judaic Studies

Shaul Cohen, Associate Professor in Geography, Co-Director of the Peace Studies Program, and Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow

Beatrice Dohrn, Pro Tem Instructor and Nonprofit Clinic Director

Keith Eddins, Pro Tem Instructor

Jeslyn Everitt, Pro Tem Instructor and Assistant General Counsel at the UO

Clare Fowler, Pro Tem Instructor

Nathaline Frener, Pro Tem Instructor

Erik Girvan, Associate Professor and CRES Faculty Co-Director

Todd Jarvis, Pro Tem Instructor and Director of the Institute for Water & Watersheds at Oregon State University

Michael Moffitt, Philip H. Knight Chair, Professor

Michael Musheno, Professor, Faculty Director, Undergraduate Legal Studies

Christina W. O’Bryan, Pro Tem Instructor

Alai Reyes-Santos, Associate Professor, Ethinic Studies and Pro Tem Instructor

Robert Rocklin, Pro Tem Instructor

Edgar Temam, Pro Tem Instructor, Courtesy Postdoctorate Research Scholar in Philosophy

Barbara Tint, Pro Tem Instructor, Professor of Conflict Resolution at Portland State University

Elizabeth Tippett, Associate Professor and CRES Faculty Co-Director

Merle Weiner, Philip H. Knight Professor and Faculty Director, Domestic Violence Clinic


John Inglish, Program Director

Kata Bahnsen-Reinhardt, Program Manager

Hilary Vos, Career and Internship Counselor

Sophia Mantheakis, Program Assistant