J.D. Areas of Study

The legal profession is as broad as it is deep. Oregon Law is a great place to pursue your degree, whether you're interested in protecting the environment, advocating for children, representing professional athletes, or learning international law. Regardless of which direction you choose, Oregon Law offers an outstanding foundation in legal theory, analysis, and practice—as well as a comprehensive curriculum that is challenging and rewarding.

We know you require a thorough understanding of the law to be competitive in today’s complex and changing legal market. And we also know you want to make the world a better place. Between classroom learning, clinics, and externship opportunities, you’ll leave Oregon Law well-rounded and prepared to successfully pursue your legal career no matter where it leads.

Centers and Programs

Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center
Business Law
Criminal Justice
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center
Indian Law
International Law
Legal Research and Writing
Ocean and Coastal Law Center
Oregon Child Advocacy Project
Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution
Portland Program
Pro Bono Program
Public Law and Policy Program
Sports Law
Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics


Corporate and Finance
Criminal Practice
Dispute Resolution
Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Estate Planning
Family, Child Advocacy, and Elder Law
Green Business Law
Intellectual Property
International Law
Law and Entrepreneurship
Law and Public Policy
Public Interest Law

Ocean and Coastal Law
Tax Law

Concurrent Degree Programs

Business and Law (J.D./M.B.A.)
Community & Regional Planning and Law (J.D./MCRP)
Conflict and Dispute Resolution and Law (J.D/M.A or M.S)
Environmental Studies and Law (J.D./M.A. or M.S.)
International Studies and Law (J.D./M.A. or M.S.)
Journalism (J.D./M.A. or M.S.)
Nonprofit Management (J.D./M.N.M.)
Oregon State University Water Resources (J.D./M.S.)
Public Administration and Law (J.D./MPA)

Degree Programs

Juris Doctor Program
Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program
Masters Degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Practical Skills Training

Clinics & Externships
Fellowship Programs and Interdisciplinary Projects
Skills Courses