Transfer Credit Policy

How many credits can be transferred?

The University of Oregon Law School will accept a maximum of 30 transfer credits toward the JD with the following provisos:
•  Credits must be completed while enrolled at a fully accredited ABA Law School.
•  Only coursework successfully completed with credit granted (including P) will be accepted.

 Who can apply to transfer?

The Law School will consider transfer applications from students who have successfully completed the first year of law studies at a fully accredited ABA law school. Currently, the Law School’s first year curriculum is as follows:

Fall Semester    
Contracts; 4 credits    
Torts; 4 credits    
Civil Procedure; 4 credits     
Legal Research and Writing; 3 credits     
Spring Semester
Criminal Law; 4 credits
Constitutional Law; 3 credits
Property; 4 credits
Legal Research and Writing; 3 credits

Course Equivalents 

The Law School will generally consider the following courses as equivalent to the corresponding first year curriculum courses:

•  Torts: 4 or more credits
•  Contracts: 4 or more credits
•  Property: 3 or more credits
•  Civil Procedure: 3 or more credits
•  Constitutional Law: 3 or more credits
•  Criminal Law; 3 or more credits
•  Legal Research and Writing: 4 or more total credits (provided that the course included a written brief)

Completion of these courses does not guarantee admission. Final determination regarding transfer of credit is at the discretion of the Law School Administration and Registrar’s Office.
Courses that do not meet the above credit requirements will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Admitted transfer students who have not met the above requirements are required to complete the U of O Law School’s mandatory first year curriculum, or the equivalent of, by the end of their second year of law studies.

Visiting Students

The University of Oregon School of Law is an ABA-accredited law school.  All coursework is eligible for transfer back to ABA accredited law schools depending on the policies and rules of the home institution.  Students accepted as visitors to UO Law School must verify with their home school that credits will transfer.

Statement of Articulation

The University of Oregon School of Law has no established articulation agreements with any other ABA accredited law school.