Ducks earn their Juris Doctor.
And they use it.

You will find your passion and realize your goals with one of Oregon Law’s more than 12 concentrations and numerous joint degree programs. You will learn from a renowned faculty, alumni, and your peers. They will challenge you. You will challenge them. Together you will explore theory, analysis, and practice in practical ways that will make you, and them, look at yourselves, and the world differently.

Ducks lead, argue, innovate, negotiate, defend, prosecute, advise, lobby, and advocate from the bench and in front of it. They practice in their communities and in their countries. 

Follow Your Passion.
Practice Your Passion.

Ducks challenge complex environmental problems and intellectual property rights issues, negotiate contracts, lead nonprofits, tackle taxes and estates, get elected to office, and work at all levels of government and in business. They do it with an uncommon and unparalleled passion that can only be fueled by answering “What If?” with “Oregon Law.”

What’s Happening at the UO School of Law?

There’s always a lot going on at the UO School of Law. Here’s information about key items.

Student and Alumni Stories

Oregon Law students and alumni are extraordinary.

Here we'll highlight some of their stories, and let them tell you why Oregon Law means so much to them.