Concentrations: Criminal Practice

Criminal law is a dynamic field that can offer a fulfilling career to those passionate about social and criminal justice issues. At Oregon Law, students can pursue a concentration in Criminal Practice to complement their legal education. The program’s curriculum gives students hands-on opportunities in criminal law and procedure that enable them to enter the workforce practice-ready and able to add immediate value.


To complete the requirements of the concentration, a student must satisfactorily complete all of the following courses:
    ▪    Criminal Adjudication
    ▪    Criminal Investigation
    ▪    Evidence
    ▪    Trial Practice

A successful candidate must also satisfactorily complete two of the following courses:
    ▪    Children and the Law
    ▪    Criminal Responsibility Seminar
    ▪    Defense Clinic
    ▪    Federal Judicial Settlements
    ▪    Forensic Science in Criminal Law
    ▪    Immigration Law
    ▪    Criminal Law Justice Externship
    ▪    Prosecution Clinic
    ▪    Mental Health and Criminal Law
    ▪    Selected Issues in Criminal Procedure
    ▪    White Collar Crime

In addition to completing the curriculum referenced above, a student must also complete an academic research paper of high professional quality concerning criminal justice issues. The student must receive advance approval of his or her topic from a Criminal Practice faculty member.

A full list of requirements and procedures is available to current students in MyLaw. The information contained on this page is only a summary of the academic requirements.

For specific course requirements for individual concentrations, please go to “Forms” under the Registrar’s tab in MyLaw.